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Feb 8, 2003
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please someone help a blonde in distress....
right ive done an lcn basic seminar and alessandro manicure and hands up product training and i have babtac insurance and i am a member of guild.
i have searched and searched for the right course to not only give me a recognised qualification (so i can proudly be above the sub standard salons so rife in the press) but to teach me all about nails, natural nails and my chosen enhancement.
i just called my local college (as finally they have a vtct course in advanced nail technology using lcn) the tutor was supprised Babtac insure me as i have no 'proper' qualification... this has worried me... but she said i could join the course on even though they usually require a manicure certificate, but shes willing to accept me. the course is for 36 weeks.

Now im wondering if i should do a creative course instead, possibly the gel or fabric with a view to doing an acrylic course when i get the first bit mastered.
i have been reading about local council's in london insiting on vtct... would they accept a creative .. i am getting very confused.
so basically what is going to stand me in the best stead....creative or vtct (bearing in mind liv read ots of vtct course students are unhappy with skills learnt and found it a waste of a year.
help much appreciated befor i part with the cash..
The following is a post I put under another topic this morning, but it may apply to you and your question. Maybe you can tell me when these new 'rules' for qualification come into effect and where??


IF and I do stress IF ... all these new rules and regulations come in to effect AND IF all nail technicians have to get 'official accreditation' in order to continue to carry out their work ..... everyone will be in the same boat -newbie or oldie.

The nail technician who has been in business for one year, six months or 10 years .... they will all have to upgrade their 'qualification' Right?
SO ... anyone doing a course now or years ago, will have to prove at some point that they know their business.

No one can take a working technician out of her job and say "you're not qualified even if you have been working for 10 years successfully." NO they will have to put in place a time limit to get your 'official' qualification and they will have to take into account WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW ... There is no way you will have to go back to school if you can prove you know your stuff.

The best thing everyone can do is to start saving 'evidence' of what you have accomplished thus far in your career, such as:

Photographs of before and after shots of your work
Letters of appreciation from clients praising your excellent work
Client treatment cards or record cards
Any and all written assessments you have already done to prove that you have already successfully passed courses.
photocopies of certificates gained
awards earned through competitions

Start today to compile a dossier on you and your work. When you finally have to get the new 'official' qualification you will be 90% of the way there, whether you are just newly trained or an oldie (like me)!! So choose whichever course is best for you because it will all even out in the end. All Creative course material can count towards your gaining an official qualification if you save the evidence.
Hi i was a bit or rather a lot confused :? by the new rules/regulations that are supposed to be coming out. I had been trying to decide whether to do a college course or a creative foundation course and i spoke to a lovely lady at creative and she said that so far there is only one area that you need an official qualification (NVQ, VTCT, etc) think it was Thamesdown (something like that), so i have decided to go for Creative and worry about new rules/regulations when/if it happens :rolleyes: !

Hope that's of some help and i would just follow Geeg's advice, we're all gonna be in the same boat!!!!

Love Linda.x
Hi..I too...am worried about what to do. We have been discussing it over the last couple of days..(under Topic Heading - Suppliers Catalogues...sorry we digressed a bit)
It might help you to read what the girls have advised for me.
I have decided to go with Creative, because so many people have a negative attitude for colleges - that's not to say you will too...you may be lucky..but I would rather trust the backing of a company like Creative and then..if we HAVE to get a certain qualification...get it when we know what we are supposed to get!
Creative told me that the ruling only applies to you if you have a salon..so if you are mobile, then apparently the qualification isn't needed anyway!
There is really so much confusion around that I have asked Alex Fox of SCRATCH magazine to do some research and write an article to help clarify things for ALL of us!!

In the meantime I suggest that everyone do what is best for them and their own personal career path. When everything is put in place by the 'powers that be' (and this issue has been threatening for over 5 years to my knowledge) Creative will be there to help and guide you to a centre that will get you the so called 'qualifications' you need to carry out your work. Nearly ALL of our Ambassadors are NVQ Assessors so there is not a problem in assessing your work for that qualification when and if necessary. Trust me on this.
thanks geeg, you've really helped
i bet we all seem like a load of headless chickens all running around into each other to you and you must be a bit exasperated, ( i feel like a headless chicken even if no one else does)
I (and i guess everyone on this board) just wanna be good/great/excellent nail techs and do the industry proud...so sorry for all the questions and thanks for your words of wisdom they are so appreciated.
I did a VTCT course at college 12 months ago and i gotta say i feel completely lost in the world of nail techs. The course teaches you the very bascis of acrylic and gel application and then the rest is up to you. (We didn't do anything on sculptured nails!)
As i am VERY determined person i am struggling on. :rolleyes:
Once you have completed this course (which everyone passes) you get a nice certificate. I dont think i could walk into a salon and get a job with it?
A lot of salons ask for NVQ level 3 which is double dutch to me!!
I want to do further training but dont know which to choose, maybe scuplting?? I haven't got wads of cash to spare for another course.....and i know of courses that just want sell you their products.
I look at peoples nails......with the Pink(very Pink) and the white(very white) and i think to myself i would love to be able to do that, my P&W's look so naff.
Any advice in me choosing a GOOD sculpture course much appreciated.
Thehandsanctuary said:
thanks geeg, you've really helped
i bet we all seem like a load of headless chickens all running around into each other to you

It really is a shame that there is so little direction for wannabe nail technicians ... even I'm confused!! I have no less than 2 NVQ certificates -B13 and C19. I did the 2nd one because of yet another re-write of the standards. It took me 10 minutes work to get it because I had a lot of compiled evidence to show I can do the job (lots of pictures of adverts that I have done for the magazines - articles from the magazines - Winners of nail competitions I have taught (27 to date) etc).

Now not all of you will have that type of thing but you will have other things like letters from clients in praise of your work - and if you don't then ask a client if she would mind writing a testimonial for you - take pics (very good evidence) and date and sign them (both of you) to prove they are legit!

The most important evidence you can have is client record cards that clearly explain the service you have performed and how the treatments have progressed i.e. a client with bitten nails who now is a client with grown out nails etc. If you have evidence the authorities can not make you go back to school AGAIN to start from scratch - you can be 'fast tracked' like I was.

Even tho they think that they have put standards in place, it is still down to the teacher you have and how scrupulous the college is as to how much you end up getting from the course.

As for sculpting (which is part of the NVQ criteria) you can learn by booking a 'one 2 one class' with a nail trainer just for that purpose without attending a whole course again.

There are a lot of helpful posts re. education on this site. Do a little search and you will find heaps of info.
i think (or i'm starting to) that its a lot of trial and error. Either through yourself or other peoples experiences...
nailmania i have just learnt a valuable lesson, forget the rest go creative. i've spent thousands (literally - as hubby will certify) on products, lcn training, essential kits x 2 and i finally rang my local creative and spoke to a lady (sorry didn't get the name but is Milton Keynes) who was so very kind, :D she talked about my worries about nvq and explained what i would need to do (didn't know i had two years to complete it - big weight of my mind)
and directed me to a one to one course in fabric and tips (my bug bear!!) i'm booked for august and i cant wait and hopefully (funds permitting) will then take other courses with creative and progress... (i have to learn that i cant do it all in one day - i'm so impatient). so nailmania... go creative i, from reading all the trade mags (nail pro usa, nails scratch etc.,), realise they are the forefront of the nail industry, they are everywhere...they haven't got there by being crap have they (oops can i say crap on here!!!soz!!)
anyway thats my decision made its like a weight of my shoulders thanks geeg, the sweets for this board, and all the special techs on here who've helped and for the Milton Keynes creative trainer!!! i'm blubbing now better go!!! :o [/u]
hi ya jen i second that! :thumbsup: isn't everyone on this board and at creative so fantastically helpful (fantastically is that a word ? :D )
i would be totally lost without them! you all know who you are! :D
now you have me blubbing :shock:
nickki jonesx
Just another bit of reassurance - farriers had to become officially qualified about 7 years back - I know that a lot of them dropped out because they couldn't be bothered/didn't have the competency. HOWEVER, the ones that stayed were given lots of time (and support)to prove competency and now the profession is much more reputable. As with everything, there are a few that do dodgy things or did not get qualified, but as far as i am aware there are only a few and most people steer well clear of them!

Roll on an official standard that everyone has to conform to - surely it is for the good of the profession as a whole - the choice of the standard has to be decided by someone and some people are bound to be miffed that it wasn't the qualification of their choice but with the training of Creative and the support of the team I don't think many reputable nail techs have anything at all to worry about

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