Walk before you run

xx Kellie xx

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thankyou so much, i am taking my nail course at the start of august and as you said, shiny things were getting very tempting! but i have put the card away and bought just the basics!! thankyou again x :)


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Just a bump before the newbies go out spending all their money x


I got my cert over 6 months ago now in lechat gels, and the only extra i bought was gems (which would only last a max of 24 hrs before comin back and i have only just now worked out how to keep them lasting longer). It is only now i am looking at other things like colored gels and french gels.... i have to say, since joining here it has opened my eyes to what is available and thanl god i dont have a credit card or overdraft lol. I was way too scared to even buy anything other than what i had learnt to use...I am now looking at other things, but trying to control myself - the world of sculpting, nail art and pop its make it very temting to buy everythign lol.I am refraining tho ;)


Thank you so much Judy!! I am just starting out and trying to get to grips with everything nail related, good advice and much appreciated :) xx


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I'd forgotten what a good article this was .. I must save the link and post it more often .. it is more applicable now than ever before!


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I couldn't agree more! I know this was written a while back but it's just as valid now. Sound advice.


great article, I had my course last week and I'm already regretting buying some "shiny things"... wont be buying any more though! sound advice!


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Thanks, I just thought it might be an interesting look at things for newbies.
No wonder there's so much unwanted products on auction sites eh?
LOL... OK, i admit this is me :) I did all that and I am still lost. I can't get it down just right. I bought a nice drill and all the files I need and It so hard to practice , practice , practice. I'm going to look at your post again later when I get home. i bought IBD, OPI.
I messed up my practice hand and now his poor fingers are all drilled into...lol.. I'm getting discouraged but I'm going to stick with it because I know I can do it. I'm a Licensed Cosmetologist but i'm leaning toward nails. I'm not sure really.
Any more advive will be so appreciated.
Thank you all :)

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Great article thank you. I am just starting out and have refrained from buying too much however did buy starter kits which I can see was a waste of money. I am overwhelmed with all the products on offer and which one is best to use. If anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it :?:


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Best to ask on the main Nail Forum DR Nailz as not everyone checks out this Articles section of the site.