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Sep 8, 2003
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Booked my Creative foundation course and am soooo looking forward to it. Hope I don't bite my nails through being nervous!!! Starting the course on 7th October in Birmingham. Anyone else going to be there?
Just thought - I'd better not bite my nails cos GlorsClaws has worked her Calgel magic on me and they look super cool........ no way will I bite Gloria - I promise!! :spiral:
Hi Carol....this is so uncanny!
I replied to your post about the nail bar in Telford shopping centre and you commented on what a small world, and lo and behold!
i've just sent off my deposit to Creative for the same venue!
Ellisons Birmingham?
7th 8th 9th and 23rd October?

My only worry is that my own nails are in such a poor state since opting for a quick and unprofessional overall at one of those Salons that Sam is going to "watchdog" about! I only had the service cus I was getting married and just for once, fancied someone else doing my nails for me! I sooooo wish I hadnt! and my hubby was dismayed too.....his words were...."why when you could have done better yourself!"
Any advice for helping them speedily regain there fitness would be welcome!! anyone!

im working on them!......they are terribly thin, weak and some very short and in short ailing from the mistreatment they received!
I hope Ill be allowed to do the course.......

We will have to compare notes hun!
Catch you soon :sunny:
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