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Oct 28, 2013
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Hi geeks, I'm new to this but really need some help and words of encouragement......here goes.

I'm 25 and I studied beauty level 1,2 & 3 some years ago now and passed. When I left college I looked for salons who would take me on but when I kept getting a 'no' and 'you need some experience working in a salon' it's safe to say I lost all hope and basically gave up! (BIG REGRET)
I've always had a love and passion for beauty but personal things happened in my life that kept putting my dream of wanting to have my own mobile beauty & nails business on hold. So why now you ask? I recently gave birth to my 2nd daughter so I have 2 beautiful girls to provide for and when they grow up I want them to see that there mum never have up on following her dreams which is advice I would give to them. So here's the big problem... Where on earth do I start? I feel like I have lost all confidence in myself. Also I don't drive as yet but am looking into taking lessons but it will take some time until I pass. Hope someone can help xx
You simply need to make a shopping list.

1. Apply for provisional license.
2. Book driving lessons.
3. Visit busy and popular salons for services to see if they are doing things differently to how you were trained. If they are, book more training.
4. Book theory test.
5. Pass theory test.
6. Book practical test.
7. Pass practical test.
8. Buy a car and insurance.
9. Book advertising.
10. Buy stock.
11. Book Childcare.
12. Service clients who call and rebook them.

Give yourself 12 months to achieve the above and you should have achieved your dream by next year! Good luck!

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