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Jan 9, 2003
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Been perusing the new Scratch and Nails(uk) as there is some extensive coverage regarding the Watchdog feature.

I just wanted to make a quick note as some people seem slightly confused about the adhesion characteristics of MMA.
In a nutshell... it does suck.

Here is an excerpt taken from a research paper for the CIR:

The results obtained show that methyl methacrylate based products have extremely poor adhesion which require users to cause severe abrasion to the natural nail plate in order to achieve acceptable levels of performance. Ethyl methacrylate based products had 47% greater adhesion which allows acceptable levels of product retention to the natural nail plate with minimal or no keratin abrasion required.

On whole, I think the reaction was pretty good. As was happily pointed out... It was really sad that not all of the points from the interviews made it into the final piece that aired.

In the Nails(uk)... they followed up the Watchdog article with Industry leaders perspectives on it. The vast majority were spot on and optimistic (as well as a good read as they 'virtually' all had very important points).

However in Scratch there was an Advert in the guise of an article which (in my opinion) had some very misleading and inaccurate angles on it. It was sad as the first majority of the 'advert in the guise of an article' was very good and very interesting... up until it became an unfactual platform for someone to make £££ out of the situation. :rolleyes:

Whelp... haven’t gotten around to too much of the other bits in the mags yet... but they both look ace so far.
I`m going to have to wait a bit longer to see the articles for myself, we have a postal strike here and I don`t know when I`ll get my mags :(
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