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Peppercorn Nails

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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Just to let all you teks who may have missed it last night..........Watchdog is being repeated tonight (Wednesday) at 1.20am.

Sorry if anyone else has mentioned this - haven't got time to sift through all the postings, plus pc is verrrry slow tonight!

Love and laughs :D
Thanks for that i`m sorry to say that i did miss it and was a bit p*****
off about it, so thank you.
Thanks for letting us know. I didnt realise what time it was on and tuned in just as it had nearly finished, but did hear about how they are trying to change the regulations for the use of mma. DAMN i missed it! No worries, ill stay up tonight whith a drinkie and watch!

ta! D
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i would just like to say that i too watched the program but where i live i do not honestly know of any one who uses an mma product. I live in Harrogate near leeds and of all the salons i know they all use either creative, kizmit or star. I personally use creative and have done since i did my training over a year ago and prioir to that i trained with nsi and starnails. What i would like to mention is that i am currently offering full sets at £12.50 and permanent french at £14 and no my product is not mma based its just my 2 year old son has just started pre school last month so i have 3 hours a day extra that i can work so i decided to offer all of my nail and beauty treatments at half price. so i am just hopeing that i don't lose clients because of my low prices!! boo hoo!! The average price for a full set is £25 in harrogate for a small salon and for the two well established large salons i believe they charge £35 upwards. :(
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