Wax/training recommendations?

Hi all. I'm looking at going back to waxing after 20 years. Things have moved on somewhat! Which waxes/training do you recommend please? I'm Midlands based and don't want to travel too far. With thanks x


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Hi. I trained with The Elite Wax Group using their wax. The training was excellent and covered everything from general waxing/female intimate and facial waxing. I also use their wax which is vegan and excellent to use
Love the sound of them being vegan! Where is the training? I’m also wants to refresh waxing and do intimate waxing. Was thinking Kim lawless but the wax isn’t vegan


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Hi. They are just in the process of opening up a new training centre. They are based in Rotherham near Sheffield.
There intimate wax training was really good, very informative and very thorough. I use there wax and can do intimate waxing in around 15 minutes


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Does anyone know if there is a course for basic and intimate waxing where you don't have to do it on eachother?