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Aug 26, 2011
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My 10 year old has very dark hair above her lip
A year or so ago she was getting picked on for it
So I spoke with the doctor and we decided to use hair removal cream
Which burnt her lip

I waxed s very small area about 6 months ago and she made such a fuss that we were both traumatised!!

So last night she has decided to take cello tape to it!!!

Any advise on what to do ?
Have you tried a facial hair bleach such as Jolen? Far less traumatic for both of you but should be effective.
Bleaching should work well. Especially for the corners of the mouth. Under the nose can be a sensitive area so go very carefully - just bleach a small section of the top lip to avoid the risk of a pink banana moustache. The area of top lip above the inscisors (the pointed teeth either side of the centre four) is the most noticeable for dark hair - but the easiest and least sensitive to wax.

I'd suggest using nail scissors to trim the hair a little bit - if you take off the excess length you should be able to hot wax a 1 cm area without too much discomfort - the first time you don't want to take off all the hair leaving a bald patch so use hot wax and don't bond it too well to the hair. You can then maintain this area and gradually creep the waxed sections outwards as the skin builds up tolerance.

I'm always nervous of waxing under 14 year olds as I find that they are very intolerant of discomfort and have no idea that being "grown-up" is anything other than one glamorous make-up fest!
I would try a little bit of non strip wax as it's quite gentle
Thanks I'll dig out the hot wax,
She is mixed race do you think bleaching it would work?
I'm mixed race myself and I'd probably avoid bleaching - the hair would be noticeably blonde.

I've always used hair remover cream (either Nair or Veet for sensitive skin). Nair do one in a bottle with a brush for application, it's made specifically for facial hair. You mention hair removers have burnt her, how long was it left on for?

I apply the cream, put a 5 minute timer on my phone, then wipe off once the time is up with a flannel dampened with warm water. After you've wiped it off, dampen the flannel again and wipe once more to ensure all the cream has gone.
Thank you, that's what I thought it may look funny with bleach
I used nair sensitive facial hair remover
Only on for a few mins and burnt her

I think I'll try a bit of hot wax and see if she can brave it

I'd like to thread it but I doubt she would let me
Hot wax/non-strip wax is much gentler on sensitive areas. Make sure you cleanse the area with pre-wax cleanser & then use a tiny drop of aftecare oil ( I use Perron Rigot Jasmine Oil). Blot oil with a tissue & then appy the wax.
Hopefully using this wax won't be as traumatic for her as long as you remove it quickly & apply pressure after removal & then aftercare soothing cream. Good luck x
I'm mixed race and I find that blond looks ok - I guess it depends on how much hair there is and how dark your skin is.

We are also talking about a very young girl who has had issues with waxing and hair removal cremes. I have a number of white mums bringing me their mixed race daughters and trying to do the right thing. It's quite a sensitive issue and the skin is very delicate. You have to be careful not to trigger off a pigmentation response in the area.

I'd be very cautious about creme if you've had a problem with one brand, sometimes the hair is tougher than the skin so the skin is fried before the hair breaks down.
Greetings ladies
I am from Africa and I have a lot of clients from all races and ages. What I have found is that my Indian clientele do have facial hair from a much younger age then say another young girl the same age. And when your child comes home after being mocked at school , how is the parent Ment to sit and watch your baby go through this on a daily basis!?!

Nowadays girls are becoming mature from a younger age then when we grew up, for example my clients got their cycle from age 14 and their own daughter from 10. So with our food being modified and hormones pumped into foods all factors contributing the girls who are ages 10 are getting their cycles earlier. Now I don't need to explain biology but hormones trigger hair growth in lip area being one of the places this occurs.

I would try use a very gentle cream based wax like azulene cream wax and follow up with an enzyme after wax product to help slow down the growth. I have had amazing result with depileve gold concentrate serum they now sold in ampules with 10 per box to retail to clients. It is safe and really effective.
Think they made in Spain.

Avoid those creams for hair removal as they can be very harsh to your skin especially as it is chemical based you don't want to expose her to unnecessary chemicals too young.

Just don't start waxing her forehead too soon! I can't tell you how many teenagers have insisted on this and they end up with bad breakouts bcoz their fringe (not sure the uk word is bangs?) irritates the skin, and they fiddle and pick !
Oh one more thing , take her to someone else for a wax!! Your kids will always put up a performance for you!
They behave better at a salon.

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