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Sep 25, 2010
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I am very sorry this is such a daft question that i never thought to ask in training! i have just bought the Hive waxing 6
cartridge machine with the rollers on top! The instructions do not tell me how to clean the rollers and if i can fill the cartridges again!
Any advice would be great

Thanks xx:irked:
I clean our roller wax station with wax equipment cleaner which you can get at any wholesaler. The cartridge heads can be replaced as they become brittle with the heat and the the wax cartridges you just replace. I think you can replace the wax, but this is quite fiddly. There are some threads on here somewhere that explain how to do this. In my opinion unless, you are really watching all the pennies, I would'nt bother with all that and just replace the cartridges and the heads from time to time. Hope this helps :)
I use the satin smooth cartridge system with the cream dioxide cartridges. I have been having difficulty cleaning the roller heads, but I use the satin smooth ultrasonic machine with their RemoveIt to help dissolve the wax residue. After the roller heads have been 'jiggled', I toss them into a disinfectant like MarVicide, wash with an antibacterial soap, then lay to dry. Quite a lengthy process, but it saves on wooden sticks ;)
I am in the process of looking for a new wax cartridge and I think there are some older posts that have some suggestions. If I can find them I'll let you know. Good Luck!
thank:smack::Grope: for you both for your help xxx
What is the ultrasonic machine? How does it work and where can I get one from?

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