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Jul 27, 2010
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East yorkshire
Hi Geeks,

So took the plunge and decided i was going to start re-offering micro link extensions again. Now im in a salon i feel that bit more confident ( i found my self very on edge going into clients homes!!)

So starting advertising through local pages on Facebook and on my facebook page, iv had a few enquiries, a few comments back about way to expensive ect - im not bothered, ive priced the hair up and included aftercare it of shampoo and conditioner and protein spray with extension brush then of course my time to fit them and have said £300.00 plus maintenance apps at 4 weeks and 8 weeks at £25.00 each then removal at 12 weeks for £40.00 which would also include shampoo cut and blow dry of their own hair once extensions are removed.

Any way i am having a few enquiries from people wo i know and have seen pictures of their work who also fit extensions, i read a comment on one girls wall from her client who said, all my xtensions are out now, they looked like rats tails hanging down my back, tech replied, they where foine when i fitted them why have you taken out, clients becuase they had almost all fallen out and again looked like long rats tails, to be fair i saw a picture and the client was right they did!! Now this "extensionist" is asking me about my prices and hai, i havent replied and i dont really want to, infact oi dont want her on my facebook list as i dont want my clients to associate me with that!! i sound horrid i know.

I want to keep advertising but i am wanting some help with some sort of wording which kind of states i dont do cheap basically!!

Any ideas???

How about starting a blog? Then you could go into details about what you offer the technical side of it all you could do a top ten tips of what to look for/do when thinking about hair extensions then promote you blog on your literature etc

Not sure if this is what your after? Hope it helps tho!

when your advertising for the right sort of client!! always make sure everything is spelt right and that your grammar is good as well as stating that you are a Professional, who yuo are insured with and that you only use quality products etc xx
You could use words like 'professional' 'quality' and describe the hair and products you use etc.

And avoid any words like 'value' 'best price' etc.
I havent put any pricing on my posts, because i like for people to message me so i can give them the breakdown of the cost so they understand how much it is and why. I never use value or best price!! it reads as cheap to me!!

I always make sure my spellings are correct and grammer - i know its not fantastic on here but i speed type on here - should chek it more i suppose - sorry geeks!!

I have icluded that i am fully qualified, with 2 years experence in micro links and fullly insured, aslo that i am happy to show all certificates to clients on request.

I dont mean to sound snotty and i am in no means a snotty person, i just want to attract the right clients, i dont want the one offs who think extenswions are a fast solution to growing hair out i want clients who understaand their is more to it than just having the fitted and that they do take time and commitment. :irked::| Maybe its just not goona work out for me.
You are what you are and if you are aiming for the high end of the market then word it as so.

Words like "premium" soon let people know that you won't be cheap or doing a cheap job. In fact, it's a word I would use often when I worked in high profile venues and hotels when I needed to describe the venue or products offered.

State that you offer a premium service with a high quality end product guarenteed. Good luck x

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