Wearing Gloves During Pedicures


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Jul 4, 2004
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chicago, Ill
Just Curious.......

I've been getting the impression here that not many techs are using gloves during pedicures (maybe I'm wrong). If not, I'd like to know why not. I was trained in school that that's one of the first things you do when you sit down to start the pedicure....put on gloves. I've been a tech for ten years, and I've never done a pedi without gloves. It's essential for a few reasons....

1) You don't know where people's feet have been, and what kinds of conditions they may have....(fungus, warts, psoriasis, cooties,.etc) Yes, we should probably be turning down people with these conditons.....but sometimes a foot may LOOK healthy, and actually NOT be. So you should protect your hands and nails by wearing gloves because you just never know.

2) If you do a lot of pedicures (i do), it's not great to have your hands in all that water constantly. Wearing gloves protects my hands, and keeps them from drying out. It also protects my own nails by preserving my polish.

3) If anyone here has ever been to beauty school (i know you have!), you remember all the senior citizens who used to come in for services because it was dirt cheap! I still have nightmares of all the horrid things I used to see doing these pedicures! (Thick toenails, calluses for years!!) I never want my hands to touch that!

4) Wearing gloves during a foot massage actually gives you great slippage. The massage is really smooth, and the lotion (or oil) goes a long way.

I just wanted to put this out there, and see where everyone stands on wearing gloves during pedicures. I think it's necesarry. And if a client gets offened (it's happened once or twice), ask them if they would do 5-10 pedicures a day for 4-6 days a week on complete strangers with their bare hands!!!

P.s Didn't mean to get preachy. I appreciate everyone's feedback!

Hi, i have to say i don't do pedicures yet as the thought of touching anyone's feet makes me feel quite ill. Eventually i would like to do them as i think they are a popular service, so i would be happier to do them wearing gloves.

As you say i think it would ruin your own nails being ina and out of water so much so i think its a great idea, plus you are protected against unseen germs. Saying that don't you sanitise the feet before treatment?
I have never worn gloves whilst performing a pedicure, but following your points, especialy No.1, I'm beginnig to warm to the idea.

I was never taught to wear gloves and I never handle a clients feet until they are thoroughly sanitized and bathed. Another thing that is true of 90% of clients (mine) is that they usually have lovely feet -- which I suppose is why they have regular pedicures-- seldom do I see a client who really is in need of a podiatist or chiropodist so I rarely see any kind of problems other than a bit of calloused skin.

I like the idea of the massage feeling smoother and different when wearing gloves.

I think I will try it ... you have given me food for thought.
I dont wear gloves either but clients feet are placed in a foot spa for cleansing, sanitisation and bathing before I touch them.

Like Geeg most of my clients feet are lovely too because they have them regularly.

Have got a couple of pedicures booked in next week and will give the gloves a go to see how I get on and I will let you know how I get on.

Jue xxx
Well I began my interest in nails via a Chiropody school ... a course I regretfully never completed :cry:
We were given the option of wearing gloves but, most didnt because as soon as those feet came out of the socks/shoes we would blitz 'em with a sanitiser spray before we inspected.
Remember too that though feet are trapped in shoes all day ... those well manicured hands get into a lot more unsavoury places ;)
hi i have to say i do wear gloves, and it seems to work really well , there is a post on the babtac website about wearing gloves for other treatments aswell such as massage and facials, and as the massage and scrub bit feel good when doing a pedi, i might test the theory out on hubby and do him a facial wearing gloves, and see what he says,
hi i was taught to wear gloves first of all but after they have been sanitized and have checked the feet for any infections i take them off as i prefer to do the massage without them on xx
in college i was taught to sanitize hands and feet then remove the gloves.

we were also taught how to use the credo blade, (i dont use it now)

in the usa using a credo blade is classed as surgery is`nt it ?
First thing I do with clients feet - sanitize them with spray, than wear gloves and do pedicure with gloves on. I take cloves off only when colouring toes with nail polish. Because some clients have not so 'attractive looking feet'. And it is comfortable to put lotion or cream on feet with gloves ( I use spa pedicure lotion with peppermint, that removes rough skin) so my hands are protected....
Sawasdee ka

I worked for 1 year doing only foot massage and i know there are 1000s of girls doing foot massage in phuket every day and for over two years that i have been in phuket i have never seen or heard anyone speak that they have had any problem not wearing glove .

My auntie has a Thai massage shop and she has 15 to 20 ladys work for her doing Thai and oil and foot massage from 8 am in the morning untill 12 pm at night 365 days a year she has had her buissness for 5 years and they have never had a problem .

All feet are washed first and the girl or lady doing the service will wash them .

Mui from Thailand
Lena! You 've got it!! I use whirlpool pedicure thrones, and clients feet are sanitized and soaked well before I start the pedi, but STILL!! I wear gloves the entire way through until it's time to polish. Then I take them off. I have a lot of runners, and we all know runners and women who wear high, pointy shoes have tough calluses and corns, and I just prefer NOT to touch them with my own hands. Whether they are sanitized or not.
I also failed to mention that the best gloves to use are Vinyl. They give you the smoothest massage. Some people are allergic to latex, so be careful of latex gloves. Just the Disposable Vinyl gloves are fine. You can get a box of 100 for about $4.
Thanks everybody for your feedback. We as techs have to take care of ourselves. Clients come in and expose us to many things. We have to take precautions whenever we can. Another note for gloves....
5)While you're finishing up the pedicure, and you're rinsing off any mask, or scrub off of the feet.....all kinds of things are floating around in that water......do you really want to have your hands in that all day?

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