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Apr 28, 2003
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I have been trying to change my business name therefore I need to change my web site.
I cannot have more than 1 website with Tripod who I registered with and it wont let me cancel membership either.
Can anyone tell me a FREE web host I could use that will be easy
try www.brinkster.com
Hiya Debs,

I use www.freewebs.com

Even a PC dunce like me found it easy to do a little site :D :rolleyes: :oops:
Thanks Sam but I tried brinkster and couldn`t get off first base. I`ll try that one Tracy thanks
Sawadee ka

I before try same layla have after 2 day head ache i stop i will now have one more you show and maybe have lucky .

Kop khun ka mui
Debs, I use Freewebs and it's so easy. It's completely FREE although there are some restrictions. You can't have more than 7 pages and you can only use up to 50 images but, hey, what more do you want from a free web host!!!!!
I just registered on Brinkster.com but I have no idea about how to start adding details etc. Any help Mr Geek :fro: ?
well... this is where it can get kind of dirty.

Brinksters ace because you can get free hosting and they have advanced features (i.e. SQL Server and .NET)
However, for the free version, they dont make it overly easy for newbies to put a site up in 10 minutes.

Essentially, you need to write the html or asp page, save it as default.htm or default.asp and then upload it into your account.

For instance, open up notepad (start->programs-> accessories->notepad)

Type the following in (or paste it in)
<title>My freaky page</title>
<h1>O MY COW MONGER!</h1>
<p>my first page!</p>

click File->save as
type default.htm

then log into your brinkster account, click on file manager, and upload the default.htm file you made.

Herein ends the html lesson ;)

check this link out-> http://www.brinkster.com/Kb/Kb.asp?kb=87539

The thing I dig the most about brinkster is that there is TONS of free code snippets (i.e. hit counters and javascript) that you can get on the site. If you have the time and desire to learn html, asp, or asp.net its a great start. If you dont want to get your hands dirty... its not going to be for you :)
Cool - thanks Geek :fro:
Thanks for that Sam, not sure if my bimbo brain will ever be able to do that but I will give it a go

Just looked on your website - tres cool!!! Isn't Freewebs easy to use?!! Even a couple of Essex girls like us can figure it out ;)
Sawadee ka

I think i try free web brinkstar too much headache for Thai girl what i no udrstand essex girl u speak enlish good ka .

Kop khun ka mui
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