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pretty pink

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May 12, 2006
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west sussex
Hi Everyone,

Hope your all well. Not sure if this thread is in the right place but does anyone have any ideas where I can get some funky illustrations (not photos) of manicures, pedicures etc that I can use on a website, will be doing my own with help from a friend. Dont know where to look....and not sure about copyright?? Have had a look on the net but the words royalty-free keeps coming up!! :rolleyes:. Its all too confusing!!!

Many thanks x x x x x
If you give your product suppliers a ring, they can sometimes offer you imagery to use for free. (As after all it is their products you are selling) I did this and they sent me everything I needed on a disk!
Be very careful as Royalty Free doesn't mean free to you. It's all very misleading. Basically, if you want decent pics, you have to pay.
i personally just dont think its worth the risk...i know someone who got stung big time with this and yet the pictures she got didn't look they belonged to anyone...

stay clear and do your own...if you are creative trained they have fab pictures that you can use and i think other companies do the same. x

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