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Oct 29, 2007
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south west
I am going to start offering bridal makeup again & it's been a while since I did this.

I was wondering what others do at the make up trial regarding offering different looks/colour choices?

After consultation etc, do you apply one make up look and if client is happy leave it at that or do you try out another look?

And if so, what do you do? ie, take off whole face & re-apply, just remove eye make-up & lipstick & re-apply those areas, or does anyone make up one eye with one look and then do the other eye with different colours for comparison?

Hope that makes sense! Thanks!!
Can I make a suggestion? How about you tell clients to send you a picture of the look that they want (usually from a magazine) and that way you can cut down on the cost. xxx
i would bring a few pics of bridal looks and ask the client to provide pics of looks she likes

i would do a different makeup look on each eye

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