Wedding nails - first booking eek!


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Mar 9, 2012
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Hi geeks, I've just taken my first booking for a wedding parties nails its not until august but I'm nervous already!!!!
Anyway, I hadnt given thought to wedding nails yet as I only qualified in March. What kind of packages do you offer? So far I have the bride plus 2 bridesmaids for l&p and the brides mother for gelish. But she is waiting on some others getting back to her. I've said I will put on champers and nibbles for them to make it special for her, which I'm happy to do at my own cost as she's a friend. Any advice would be fab :)
I find that on the brides nails unless she states otherwise the more classic and elegant the better, you don't want to detract from the wedding ring esp if she has the classic photo of their hands. Having said that soo many brides these days are going for opaque glitters it's all personal preference hth x
I offer group bookings for weddings... it tends to be either a L&P/Shellac package for £xxx per person, with free nail art for the bride... then I offer a His/Hers package for the day before the wedding so they can get pampered together (his hands will be in the photos too so they should look presentable).

Otherwise I offer packages tailored to suit the group. People seem happy with that.


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