Wedding package treats?


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Oct 22, 2009
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Hi all, as stated do any of you geeks add a little personalised and rememberable extra/treat to your packages... I've done a few wedding packages for brides and their bridesmaids having tans, manicures
And l+p but really want to add a little extra for the bride... Any ideas??
do you mean like a little present for the bride hunni :biggrin:
Yes Hun, sorry should of said... I've got so many weddings booked in this year and as if stands I am quite well known in my area for nails, but since then I have qualified in tanning and tinting etc and since I offer these I've had a lot of interest in packages for wedding and obviously they have been happy with the package but wanted that added "wow factor" That would keep me above my competition etc!! Was thinking a small bottle of wine... But wot if they don't drink... A personalised cupcake (who doesn't like cupcakes) but then you have the potential allergy...
Why dont you do a little honeymoon kit for example you cud get an organza bag put a solar oil in , a sparkly nail file, a bottle of topcoat , find out there colour scheme and use a ribbon to match their colours to tie a personalised message on a tag

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