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Jan 18, 2012
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Hi All

I need some advice - I got married about a year and a half ago - at the time we were told that we could get out photos whenever and that some couples take over 2 years to choose and order their photos - we had paid for the package before the day

Since our wedding our photographer has died and his photographer friend is finishing the album - we have sent him the photos we would like and also asked for all the images on a disk/dvd so in future we could have more images done as and when we wanted, we said in our letter that we wouldnt mind paying for these images to be put on disk (within reason)

We have just had a call from the photographers friend (who is also a professional photographer) asking a couple of questions etc - then he mentioned that usually he charges £250 to put the images onto disk/dvd but after talking to our photographers widow he will only charge us £100 :eek:

Now when I mentioned we would pay for the disk it was a good will gesture and from what Ive understood once a artist/photographer has died - the copyright also dies with them and really we should only be paying for the cost of the disk and his time (which in my mind would surely be about a hour)

Does anyone know where we stand on this - I dont want this to turn bitter but Im not paying £100!!!

Any help/advice would be really helpful!

Sorry I've no idea. Would a citizens advice person be able to help? Hopefully it will all be resolved soon.

I know I should be grateful that someone is doing them but still I really only thought about £25 to pop onto a disk.

Im not paying the £100!! lol

I would say that if you haven't already paid for the service and had no agreement in place then he can charge what he likes ?

Im getting married in a few weeks in Cyprus and for all the photos on a digital album (no hard copies) its 1500 euros. We looked into having someone do photos at our party when we got back and that is £550 for the disc and him to take photos for a couple of hours.

So I think £100 is not bad considering what some photographers charge.

Weve paid for the package.

The issue is now the photographer has died - so my question is over the entitlement to the copyright as he has now passed we should be entitled to the copyright so we can have photos printed in the future.

I'll have a look into it!
If the copyright tot he image is with the company rather than the individual, the new photographer taking care of it is allowed to charge a standard rate for the disc sadly :(

Thanks for your reply!

The new photographer is just fullfilling all the previous orders and not taking over the business - do you think this would still apply?

Thanks for your help :)