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Jun 28, 2010
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Hi geeks,

Today I did bridal make up and make up for thr bridesmaid.
And the bride cried! At first I was worried as I thought she hated it but she said that she felt pretty for the first time in years. (she was 8 months pregnant and only 20 years old)

Although this made me feel great, I just felt so upset that someone so young could feel so badly about herself and on her wedding day. (pregnancy probably didn't help.)

Im only mid 20s too and i have days where I feel unattractive as Im sure most do but I just felt so bad for this girl. It makes me wonder how many other girls feel like that and why?

It is probably a lot to do with the media and self esteem, but it is worrying that it is becoming more common in young women. Does anyone else have clients like this? Or yourself? And why do they/you feel like that? Xxx
When I was pregnant, I felt like that. And might well have said years, when actually I meant months. Though I do think the media and advertising in-particular as it is so invasive and the message is near subliminal as we don't consciously even see adverts anymore. I believe there is a city in Brazil (possible San Paulo) which banned advertising in public places a few years ago as it regards it to be a social ill.

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