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Jul 18, 2010
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I'm looking for a weekend, 1 day or distance learning hair course in Ireland. Just up do's, curls etc.
I'm looking to set up a small mobile business doing hair, nails, make-up for weddings, grads, special occasions.
I have been doing hair styling (and some colouring) for a long time now and can do a range of styles, even adding accessories such as ribbons, beads, diamonds etc.
I've been recommended by a hair dresser to take it up after seeing an up do I did on my dance team (I'm a dance instructor by profession) and then again when one saw wedding hair I did on myself and a friend.
This is just something I will be doing on the side just for fun and a bit of extra money.
So I'm looking for a course that would give me recognition as a stylist. Only needs to be minimum level. Can't do anything full time or even evenings/part time due to distance that would need to be travelled. So any 1 day or weekend courses would be best. Nothing too expensive either, I'm not looking to be the best trained hair stylist, just enough of a qualification that I can get started
Have you looked at salon services ?? they do a range of beauty and hair courses and are normally only 1 or 2 days long. If you do find a place make sure you check with your insurance to make sure the cert is covered under your insurance.
LA Academy and Zoe Clark both do courses in hair, google them and you should find the site :D

don't know are they a bit pricey though ...

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