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May 8, 2003
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West Midlands
Just wanted to say a big "well done" to Jen (aka....thehandsanctury) for the new nail tech article in the October scratch!!!!! :salute:

Lovely designs, lovely write up and ohhhhhhh wow.......well done! (you must be a tinsy bit proud?????) :eyesore:

Luv and hugz and keep goin! :thumbsup:

... well done Jen - I stole Scratch from my lovely beautician Angela as I hadn't received my copy yet :? Jen thank you for your comments on the board!!! I can't believe we are coming up to the 1000th person!! You all make it work :salute: I must also say I was rather peed off that our A/W 03 colours were not shown in the A/W enamel section at the beginning...I have no idea what happened there.... :twisted: :rolleyes: :? :shock: they were in Nails and Pro Nails so I guess that's something!!! :rolleyes:
thanks jacky and mrs geek...yep tinsy bit proud.....bit of an understatement.....
was sat waiting for eyebrows to be done at a beauty salon and postie walked in with copy so i had to say to the lady who owned salon...can i have a peek...then had to wait all day (our postie doesnt seem to arrive till twoish) to read it.... was i like a cat on a hot tin roof or what....
after all the hassle over 'apparant new nail salon in town' and babtac this put me in a very opptimistic mood (instead of the very pessimist one i had been in)
thanks again for your kind words...
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