Wella 22/0 fading after 1st wash


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Oct 29, 2013
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Hi everyone...1st post and ask for advice (please go easy!)

I have a new client (I'm mobile by the way) who requested 'black' on her roots regrowth (50% grey with a natural base of 4). I'm not sure which range her previous hairdresser was using but she is new to Wella and I used 22/0 with 6% mixing ratio 1:1 as usual.

Firstly - I noticed when applying the colour her regrowth that had been done by her previous hairdresser was not black and more like a 4 base. (she also commented on this and mentioned there had been no product change) It looked like it hadn't taken or had just washed out?

Secondly I get a call a week later saying she had washed it for the first time and there was a grey patch at the front that had not covered (and yes I did apply correctly!) SO I touched it up today and have now received a message saying the root area looks lighter than the rest (maybe a base 4 again).

Just wondered if I'm doing something wrong? Can patches of hair suddenly become more resistant? Is it because the tint is SO dark? Medication? Wrong Vol?

Please advice! Many thanks in advance x
It sounds like you are doing the right thing. Id say medication maybe? Call Wella advisory helpline x
Doesn't sound like you've done anything wrong. Sometimes people have stubborn grey hair especially around the hairline as that's where people get the grey hairs coming through first. I would just make sure you put plenty on especially around the hairline. We use clynol in our salon which have a age expertise line which covers 80%-100% grey not sure if wella have anything similar :) x
How long are you letting the colour develop?
40 mins w/o heat but for the resistant patch time left for 50 mins and blasted it with heat for last 5 mins x
It sounds like she has resistant hair, and the colour isn't penetrating deep enough into the hair and washing out easily.

Maybe try pre-softening her regrowth next time to loosen up those cuticles.

If you will be reapplying to the roots again it shouldn't need pre-softening because the first colour should have already softened the hair.

Edit: Also wanted to say if the ends are black it may just be due to colour build up, since the previous application also didn't cover well.
Thanks I didn't think of that - pre softening sounds like a good plan x

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