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Jan 8, 2016
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Hi all,
Looking for a bit of help with wella Color touch. I am purely loreal trained and usually use their richesse range but they just do not offer the shade I am after and also I find them unpredictable with how dark they come out.
My client is after a cool natural brown like Megan McKenna. Last time I coloured her hair I used richesse 5+6 and it came out darker than a 5. This was back in February and she has been on holiday since and it lightened up and last night I did a bleach shampoo and her hair is now on a level 8 with strong copper and golden tones. Her natural colour is level 6 and throws a lot of warmth when lifted. It is also worth noting the last couple of inches bleach lies underneath the colour as when I took her on last year she had been a full head of bleach. Her hair is quite porous. I will be using olaplex.
I had a quick look at the Color touch shades online before I go today and noticed 7/71? Not seen it in person yet.
Anyway the help I need is
Does Color touch offer any levels of lift like richesse does when using their 4%?
If not shall I used their permanent range on her roots with 20vol then colour touch on the lengths and ends? Do the shades match up perfectly with each other or does colour touch have a habit to come out darker?
I saw Color touch says apply on wet hair? Can you apply it on dry hair or is it just wet? Would applying on dry make a difference?
I saw it says lasts 28 shampoos? Is this the case? Does it fade quickly as I know richesse doesn't!
If I used 7/71 is 1 their ash shade and would it grab too much ash over the porous ends?
Lastly on the lengths and ends would you use their 1.9% or 4% ?

Any shade recommendations on these pictures?
Thank you for any help, just want to give her the colour she wants! Here are the pics she sent


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Colour touch will not lift the hair same depth or darker

4% is for their vibrant reds and colour touch plus (more grey coverage)

First time application Virgin hair apply on towel dried hair after that dry hair is fine

7 is brunette tone
1 is ash (although I believe it only subdues any warmth)
They do have special mix colours to add to your base colours if need to neutralise or enhance tones

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong
Hope this helps
Thankyou for relying you've been a great help! Do you have any recommendations on what shade the pictures are?

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