Wella product knowledge


supernatural geek
Please keep in mind that Wella levels go from a level 2, the darkest - to a 10, which is the lightest. The numbers after the stroke(/) are the tonal values. All the color boxes have the numbering system as well as the letter system, which can be found underneath the number.

Tonal Values
* /0 is a neutral or an N - the best to cover gray
* /1 is gray ash, also known as A
* /2 is green, best to use on natural level 5 & darker to cancel red underlining pigment
* /3 is gold or known as G
* /34 is gold orange
* /4 is red, also known as R
* /43 is red gold or RG
* /5 is red violet or RV
* /6 is violet or V, and cancels yellow tones
* /7 is your warm brown or BR, these are all your chocolates
* /8 is your blue or Pearl, and cancels Orange tones
* /9 is soft violet cancels yellow
20 vol is to cover gray and 1 level lift
30 vol is 2-3 levels of lift, depending on texture
40 vol is 3-4 levels of lift, depending on texture
1.9% is 6 vol
4% is 13 volume.
Alex also suggests that "when using Wella Color Touch, have the color look more translucent like shades we have 0/00 that you can dilute the the pigment so the glazes are more like shades. Especially if you are going to use 10/03 or level 10NG, you can mix 1 part 10/03 & 1 part 0/00 with 2 parts 1.9% developer."

with thanks to lea2721 for the information x