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Tickled Pink!

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Nov 7, 2003
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i had to go to the passport office today in peterborough to get one for my daughter as hers had run out (nothing like last minute - we're off on friday!) Anyway, you have to see someone, complete the forms etc then go away and return to collect said passport 4 hours later!
I obviously took this time to shop, drink coffee at pavement cafes and thoroughly enjoyed my time out without the children! Anyway, thought i fancied a little pampering, and called in at a nail salon on the off-chance of an appointment, as i fancied permanent french on my toes for my hols. Said salon had posters up advertising creative - but there wasn't one creative product in there... It was, without a doubt, a NSS. Not even a creative nail polish. Anyway, will have to do my toes myself tonight now! Just needed a rant! Said posters, i haven't seen before, i can't remember the wording, but basically had pictures of radical, retention, powders etc so wasn't even advertising polishes! :twisted:
i have never seen posters that have retention+ on or any other product , just usually ones with ladies with gorgeous nails , not unless i have been walking round with my eyes closed :p
i haven't seen this poster before - but it was DEFINITELY creative. i can't remember what the wording was...it was only three words, one of which was creative! It had the logo and a picture of products. Despite studying it, i can't remember what on earth it said. There were no piccies of nails though! Judging by the interior of the 'salon' it was probably quite and old poster!
they have the same in a nss near me with creative posters etc
what is an NSS?
NSS stands for Non Standard Salon
they get that type of marketing material to MAKE themselves look credible; I have seen that plenty of times before - can't stop someone buying posters!:rolleyes:

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