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Dec 12, 2011
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I've started using the double wear foundation by estee lauder but at the same time I've been using kaesos skin care range & since using both these I've developed little pimples all over my face especially around my eyebrows, you can't see them only up really close but I can feel them, it's not milia or spots as I never have bad breakouts, does anyone know what these pimples could be caused by?
Doublewear caused me to break out awfully, and it was really painful :-(

I understand why people like it, because the coverage is pretty good, but I found it so greasy and heavy, and could literally feel my skin reacting.
It sounds like congestion under the skin, I would maybe try one product at a time do you no what it is x
I hope it's not the foundation cos I love it! I'm going to change my cleansers and moisturisers and hopefully it's that, it's weird how it just appeared over night :( x
It's not a heat rash is it? Maybe it's the weather xx
Nope I don't think so, I usually only get that on my arms never had it on my face, I'll try changing my cleanser hopefully that will help x
I get the same thing on my face if I wear any clothes with acrylic in it, so sounds like an allergy to me
i recently started wearing double wear and have also come out with spots, im hoping it clears up and is just the moisturiser clearing my skin because i love the foundation :( x
Hey i wear double wear and i too noticed at first that i had lots of tiny spots on my forehead, some under the skin.
I realised that when i was taking it off, i wasn't actually getting it all off!! Its definitely got staying power!! So make sure you're cleansing twice, or just keep going until your skin is super clean of foundation. Mines slowly getting better!!

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Not the same thing but similar - when I first started using double wear I was gutted because although I loved everything about the foundation, after about 3/4 days of wearing it my face came out in a red blotchy rash! :sad:
Assumed I was allergic to it and left it in the drawer... used it again a few weeks later and same thing happened.... stupidly, repeated this a couple of weeks later (..doh!! :o) and I had no reaction!
Since then, I've been absolutely fine with it, no redness/rashes and I haven't got spots from it.

Sure what I did was very stupid (being so in love with it that I kept re-applying it even when I thought I was allergic!! - ridiculous!) but maybe the foundation is just very different from others and our skin needs to get used to it??

It's also a VERY tough foundation to remove. Until recently I used a make up dissolver, then cleansed 3 times and still found bits of it in the morning. I spoke to an Estee Lauder lady and she recommended that I tried their "Take It Away total makeup remover" as it had been specially designed to remove double wear foundations. I didn't really believe her but gave it a go and it's really amazing stuff! Takes off everything and your skin is so glowy and feels so refreshed afterwards - might be worth buying some of that to see if that helps?

Don't forget that with estee lauder they have a satisfaction guarantee - if a product really doesn't agree with you then you can just take it back to them and they'll refund you, even if you've used it a few times x
It depends what sort of pimples you're talking about.
If they are just under the skin and appear of white lump (not milia) under the skin, that is usually caused by heavy products on the skin. So, it's either the foundation or your moisturiser. When they are extracted and your skin is looked after, you shouldn't have any problems after but you need to find out what it caused and stop using the product.
Heat rush would be of reddish colour. Make sure you wash your brushes/sponges at least once a week with hair shampoo and let them dry naturally.
This is the strangest thing! I developed adult acne about six months ago, I had huge pimples on my cheek area which I've never had before my skin is usually clear! So I started using Bioderma to clear the skin and it worked great but still had a lot of breakouts. And about 2-3weeks ago I completely stopped using double wear and it's calmed down incredibly!! I have a few remaining which I am now treating with Dermalogica medibac. Wow I thought it was just me!
I started double cleansing my face which I didn't before & the pimples have cleared up now so I can't have been removing it all properly, thanks for all the advice everyone :) xx

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