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Sep 1, 2007
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i am hoping somebody out there will be able to help me!! i am looking to train as a nail technician as it is a profession i have been interested in for some time. :)

due to a change in circumstances i would like to get qualified sooner rather than later and was wondering if you could advise me on the best courses to take and best routes into the industry (i am in Mansfield btw)

please help as i am lost in the vast array of courses availabe and dont want to spend a fortune on a qualification that doesn't mean anything!

Lauren x

thanks for the tip, looks like this will be the one to go for, cant get my head around which accreditation is best tho!! so far i have come across BABTAC VCTC and the Guild of beauty therapists.

did you take the foundation creative nail course? do all salons recognise the qualification as well as local governments (should i ever want to run my own nail bar)

sorry to hound you with q's but i am really keen to get started!!!
Well i'm currently on day 4 of the 5 day course and was advised when i started that it was a recognised qualification. The ambassador who is teaching me has been trained by creative from the beginning. The best thing to do is contact your nearest academy and double check with them. A word of warning though you will need to build on the 5 day qualification though in order to offer you clients a full service, by this i mean taking part in further courses based on natural nails etc. My next course is the Raw Earth Pedicure also by CND
ok thats great thank you. i will call them asap

thanks for your help - much appreciated!!
You may struggle to get through at the moment as there are some issues with Creative at the moment. This may sound like a blonde question but what reigon is mansfield in?
mansfield is in nottinghamshire - what are the issues??
It look like the Manchester academy will be closest to you, you might be best trying to contact them direct.

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