What did you all do when you had a baby?


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May 4, 2004
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Im a mobile nail technician and have built up a good business which keeps me busy at least 5 days a week.
I am now pregnant, which was planned but just wondered what everyone elses experiences was regarding this when you work alone?

How much time did you take off? im worried if i take too much time i will lose my clients, im planning on working part time once i have had the baby.

but any advice or experiences that anyone can offer would be great.

I cant really comment as havent been in your situation, but just wondered if you have thought about setting up a room or area in your house to save you carring all your stuff round to your clients houses for when you get bigger? This could be so much easier if you get more tired too saving on the travelling, driving, lifting etc. x:hug:x
hi congrats
i am pregnant too with my 2nd, i'm due in jan, but have had a few probs with this pregnancy already so have set up in my conservotory for now until i move house in oct to a bigger house with a room for me to work.
all my clients have followed me, they dont mind at all.
i really dont think you can plan to go back to soon,
you may have had no sleep,
you need a decent routine for you and your baby before you would be relaxed enough to leave him/her.

i have done clients before that have just had it done off me as there usual hairdresser is on maternity, and i understand they are going to go back to them, so clients are quite loyal..

just see how you and your babe are before you set anything in stone...
dont beat yourself up and stress about losing customers as they will come back. xx

ps i went back after 3 weeks with my first and i'll never forgive myself for missing those special moments :(
thanks for your replies.

any more thoughts from anyone else?
Hi I am 31 weeks with my second and I'm mobile 5 days a week. I'm finishing at 38 weeks (although last 2 weeks will be 3 days) and then planning to go back beginning of jan so after about 14 weeks. I will be going back 3 days for 3 months and then 5 days after that. My husband is a stay at home dad though so I don't need to worry about sleepless nights and childcare :)
congratulations... i bet your really excited.

I had my little girl back in November, i had opened a room in a salon and then found out i was pregnant, my colleague left so i went alone. My family were really concerned as id previously had a bad experience and was pretty much bed bound. I brushed off all of their concerns and was determined to be fine.

I was working part time teaching and part time doing treatments doing 2 late nights a week till 10pm. I had only a couple of days where i felt unwell but had a fab pregnancy which made all the difference.

I decided to look for someone to help me out, i found a nice girl who did part time. She helped out from around 7 months til i had her. She was a nightmare, but one that could not be avioded. Im pretty sure she was on the fiddle as i was limited with ways to monitor it, the takings were down and i had her on a commision. 50% was way too much, so that was a lesson learnt.

Towards the end on my pregnancy she was becoming unreliable, although i really did like her, she was a pain. She called in sick when i went into labour so i was phoning around between contractions lol.

She pretty much worked full time for the last couple of weeks as i was too fat. I really didnt know what i was going to do, i thought about closing it down and spoke about it seriously.

It was so hard to make a plan as i didnt know how id feel about the baby and whether i could leave her. Never the less i had the baby and she continued to work for me.

After 2 weeks, a string of complaints and no profit for me i decided to let her go and go back to work. I had a friend who helped me out for a couple of days but by christmas i was back working full time.

I found it very hard, especially as i breast fed up to christmas, i was stressed trying to express till late the night before, i wasnt eating enough throughout the day at work to produce breast milk and was leaving my partner at home for 12 hours with the baby.

Of course i missed her like crazy but needs must and we needed to earn money as we decided my partner would be the stay at home dad. Im sure many mums will be shocked, some people even may think im a little mean but i really loved my job enough to go back. I actually enjoyed getting back to work, i felt pretty relaxed after a few weeks that my hubby could take good care of her.

I had a nice rest over christmas and went straight back in January. Having other people helped me out but did have a negative impact on business as they were all a little useless in their own way.. i.e not cleaning, cancelling clients, not turning up on time, fiddling earnings. But i did need the help. The negative impact with going back to work so quick on me was that i became very ill after christmas, colds, flu, sickness, teeth problems and generally looked abit of a state. TIRED>>>>

The positive impact, business is still going and now i plan to open my new salon in 8 weeks ish.

Id say to do it you need a really good partner to support, we havent much family so rely on eachother. Its been quite stressful and the last couple of months my evenings have increased and as your probably thinking theres still housework, washing and paperwork to do when im at home. I havent been able to spend as much time with my little sade as obviously id like to but i get the best of her.. lol im the fun parent that shes excited to see at the end of the day. Im sure something that i will never experience again as my partner wont have the opportunity to stay off with any of our other children due to his career.

Its a difficult decision that you cant really make until the baby is here unfotunately xxx good luck... :hug:
thanks for all the advice.

how would u go about finding someone to fill in for you while your off?
Unfortunately all my mobile friends are fully booked up. I have a few mobiles advertising locally so I'm going to call them up and see if they can take on any more clients, then pass their number on to my clients. I'm also going to phone everyone a month before I go back to give them a date and hopefully take bookings.

It's a risk to take, but I'm fairly confident that the majority will be loyal. Otherwise I will leaflet drop again and build back up.
Hi There.

Congratulations. I bet your really excited.

I set up my business two years ago following the birth of my second child. I was a nurse and couldn't get the hours to suit so I set up a holistic therapies business. Four months later I found out I was expecting again. I worked up until four weeks before I was due. He was born on the 8th September (11 months old today). I was back at work four weeks later. I just worked evenings and weekends so my husband walked through the door and I walked out (like passing ships in the night). It worked for us. I didn't want to loose my clients, I've built up a good trade but there is a lot of competition. You do need a lot of support, I couldn't have done it without my husband and my mother-in-law steps in if we're desperate. Emotionally, it was much easier, being my third, to leave him. With my first two, I had seven months off with them before going back to work and I sobbed my heart out leaving my eldest at nursery the first time. But with the third, I knew he would be well looked after. He started nursery at four months and I went back to work 3 days a week. He's a happy little fella, always got a smile and he loves nursery.

Go with your heart. MUM KNOWS BEST!!! Don't go back until it feels right because you won't be able to give your best and the baby will pick up on your anxiety. Hope this helps. Good luck and all the best!!!
So glad you asked this question Helen cos I was wondering what to do!

I'd started up mobile and was building up a small but loyal client base. I didnt have anyone to pass my clients to so just had to tell them I was going on maternity leave and would contact them when Im back in business. Not the best but didnt really have a choice.

Now Im getting to the point where Im thinking I should be doing something about my business, or at least giving myself a date as to when I'll start building things back up.

My second daughter is only 3 months old though so maybe I'll leave it for a little bit. I love what I do and Im itching to ge back but the thought of leaving her breaks my heart! My oldest daughter starts school in September so I could work around that. If only people wouldnt mind the baby being at their treatments too! (that is a joke - would never do that!)

Let us know how you get on and what you decide to do!


Congratulations. Just thought I would share my experiences with you. I have two children, one who is 2 and a 1 yr old. When i became pregnant with my first, I had my own salon based in a hotel. I worked right up to 2 days before giving birth and only had 2 wks off before returning to work part time. I did feel very stressed through my pregnancy as we were renovating our house ourselves at the same time. Breastfeed him up until 10 months and found I was always rushing back to feed him or expressing milk off. Had 4 chest infections in the few months after the birth and felt tired all the time. I did employ a girl to help me out but was later told by clients when she finished with me that she wasn't that good. Decided to give the salon up and work from home when I was pregnant With second baby, I worked to the day before i had him and had 5 wks off, but did the odd client in the evening from day 2 after he was born then went back part time again. I have been really tired at times and breastfed him until recently.

It is very difficult if your planning not have too much time off as you don't know when baby is going to arrive. I think I should of rested a bit more before babies arrived. Working from home is really great as I can do appointments in the evening when children are in bed and it gives me an edge over most salons as alot of people like evening appointments.

Have you thought about working from home?

I think you need to try not to worry to much as I definately did too much of that and your baby won't be a baby for long, so enjoy. just keep your business ticking over, then when you are ready after the baby is born you can then really focus on the business again.

Good luck with everthing. x

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