What do I need to set up my salon at home?


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Sep 19, 2003
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Hi Girlies and Guys!

I'm experiencing a dilema that I hope you can all help me with. I'm a newly qualified VTCT qualified nail tech and NVQ2 Beauty therapist.

Deep down I know I'm good at what I do - I just need some experience and am suffering from Newbie insecurity and lack of faith in onesself.

I currently have a well paid full time job in HR for a large motoring organisation but feel the pull of moving into the Beauty/Nails/Holistic arena is becomming increasingly strong. To that end I am thinking of setting up a beauty room at home but feel so overwhelmed by it all.

I'd be grateful if you would give me some ideas of the main things I require to get started. I already have my Nail Products (Young nails) but am doing the Creative Conversion course later this year.
I have my foot spa, facial steamer, and paraffin and honey wax pots. So really it's what other equipment do I need - do I need to get a top of the range nail station, therapy couch, therapist and client chairs - where do you get your towels etc from - also a rough idea of cost would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

Boo x x :D
You will want to profit as soon as possible so keep your outgoings as low as possible. I have a picnic table for 12.99 instead of a nail table at 129.99 does exactly the same thing and folds away. You can always replace these type of things when you are bringing in more profit. Good luck and shop around for the best bargains.
I get stuff from Sallys Hair & Beauty when their trade flyer has offers on. I got my mobile man table for £50 and a deal on a UV light. Found quite a good foot rest which I find easier for peds for about £30 at my local wholesaler.
I was reading earlier posts re argos and ikea and particularly Ikea have great trolleys, unfortunately they are out of stock at all the London stores but I'll def be getting one! I got a brill Daylight light at a discount from Sallys too. I always pounce on deals for couch roll, towels, nail wipes, white blocks etc wherever they might be. It took me a while but I found a great polish holder at Capital Hair and Beauty for £15 which is good for me being mobile.

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