what do you think of a salon name change?


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Feb 16, 2009
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I have been in business for a year and a half and was thinking of changing my salon name as not many clients can pronounce it and I think its hard for them to recommend friends to the salon cos of this!

Do you think its a good idea to change names when I've already started up etc? I rent a room by the way.

Would this be a good opportunity to re launch the salon and offer new treatments etc with the name change?
What is your business name?
Where do you rent your room?

I rent a beauty room in a sunbed shop,where I have been for 4 years, & didnt even have a separate business name until I got my website made in March. Thats just called "beauty-by-emma"
Most clients new & old when refering friends would just take a pricelist for them. Most go by what the shops name is, rather that my name.

Do you have a website?
Do you have a separate phone line?

Its La'Dea Beauty and I rent above a hair dressers!

Yes I have a website and a separate phone line
Well I guess you have to work out how much everything would cost to change the name & list everything you would have to do, people to contact etc, then deciede if it is worth it or not.
Website address name,
Business cards,
Gift vouchers,
Promotionla material, pens, keyrings, etc
New logo,
Basically everthing that has your business name printed on.
Changing all website listings details,
contacting HMRC, insurance to change details.

I honestly dont think that the fact people find it hard to pronounce will stop them recommending you to their friends.

Clients dont really need to use your business name much, if they phone up, then I assume you answer the phone (or voicemail) by saying "La' Dea Beauty" - so then they will know how to say it.

I guess its the same as someones name, quite often I think I am not sure how to say clients names but you ask, & get told.

At least its a conversation piece!

Do you know what La'Dea means in english? Maybe you could use that?
At least you will be sticking to something similar.

Hope that helps x:hug:x

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