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Jan 30, 2007
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South Coast. UK
I have a fairly new client who has returned twice so far for her maintenance, the first time after 4 weeks and 6 days, second time (today) after 4 weeks and 2 days. There has been quite a bit of lifting and yet normally my clients do not suffer with lifting, hardly at all.

Do you think this is due to the time frame? I advised her to come in 3 weekly but you know what they're like, they make the appointment then ring to push it back :rolleyes:. I told her if she looked at her nails after 2 and a half - 3 weeks I bet there was no lifting at all. I have booked her in for 3 weeks today so we shall see, that is if she keeps the appointment and doesn't postpone again. Would you have said something similar? She bought some oil and says she has been using it but "probably not as much as I should".

What do you all think.
If she goes over 3 weeks tell her its the price for a new set at the next fill.
No oil and too much length wil make your job much harder.
Some people expect big miracles for such a small amount of money.
Charge accordingly!!!

There is more work after 3 weeks, as there could be lifting due to the enhancements being tip heavy. Therefore have a higher service charge for this.
I am sure once she has to pay more for a 4-5 weeks rebalance she will keep her 2-3 weeks appointments.
Thanks for the advice.

You are so right, I know I should charge more when they go this long, it's ridiculous not to.

Any ideas how I can word it on the price list??
it always baffled me why clients want to go past the recomended maintenance time.
what is the point in hanging out the timespan when your nails look crap for the last 1 or 2 weeks ?:rolleyes:
surely the whole idea of having them done is to make your nails look lovely all the time?:confused:
I tell my clients 2 weeks or there abouts or if they go longer I'm not prepared to infill ,it will have to be a soak of and new set, 4 weeks is way too long! Like it or lump it. If they go somewhere else,,fine clients like this aren't worth the hassle anyway,,,, in my opinion of course! They just end up costing me money and take the enjoyment out of the job!
on my price list it states the different amounts for the different weeks......mind you this is in Canadian dollars....

2 week fill-$35.00
3 week-$40.00
4 week same as new set $50.00

and my re-balance is $45.00.....
I detail everything so there is no price dispute...and clients know ahead of time .....
Thanks for all the replies so far. Anybody else have any thoughts
work can not be guaranteed for any thing longer than 2-3 weeks....as she is going nearer 5 weeks then yes i would say she is pushing them to far. As for what to say....cant help you chick as i get the same problem...not the lifting problem but the going so long between appointments that there is more infill than area than nail enhanement...:lol:...thats why i changed my prices so that a rebalance cost the same as NNO new set.

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