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Feb 16, 2004
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Hi everyone. I am new to this site but have enjoyed looking through the messages.

what type of gel would you like to know about?? Have you done your training??
I,m Creative Trained for Acylics and Alesandro for Gel but prefer a gel that you don't have to file off. As there are so many differenct systems to choose from I was hoping for some recommendations, and any view on Calgel.

Hi Karen,

Can't help you much with the gel at the mo..... I'm looking forward to trying the new Brisa from Creative - but I've only ever worked with l&p up until now.

You could send Glorsclaws a pm cos she has used Calgel. I'm sure she'll give you some helpful advice.

She's at Olympia tomorrow so I don't think she'll be online till at least Monday but send her a message anyway and no doubt she'll get back to you asap.

All the best

Carol :lol:
nailsensation said:
Hi everyone. I am new to this site but have enjoyed looking through the messages.

If your Creative trained (like me), then the new BRISA gel is being launched at Olympia today (I think!!)...personally...I'd only use products from Creative 'cos I know them, trust them and they have a good technical support. It could be that the PREP is the same, in which case it would save on learning 2 totally different systems...you'd just have to master the art of applying the gel!

JMO but hope it helps

Jenny - Nails :)
Hi...... after trying sooo many different gels...........................
I must admit my preference lies with Akzentz. Although their Trilite is not a soak off one, the results I have had have been brilliant!
The shine is lovely.
I use it as a bonding layer too so I create my enhancements from one pot!!!
Karen from NailsPlusBeauty is the UK distributor and she is such a lovely lady to talk to! Very helpful! :cool:
I do know that they are adding a new line called Options Protein Sheild to the range and although I confess to not having tried it yet....if its anywhere near as good as its sister product then I dont think you will go far wrong! (The Options is a soak off gel). I keep meaning to find the time to get it ordered!

I have been thrilled with the results I have achieved and I know that my clients have!
Im sure that you will have countless recommendations of which gel to go for but I think at the end of the day.....you will find something that you, yourself feel comfortable working with and that gives you the results you are seeking!

Just my opinion ;)
One thing you need to know about gels ...

If they can be soaked off, then they only have limited strength durability and colour stability. This is a fact and needs to be taken into consideration when choosing a system, depending what it is you want to do with it.

There are ways of removing gels that can't be soaked off with out damage or fuss. I always wonder why everyone thinks they need to remove them so often that it will be a problem anyway??
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