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Oct 29, 2003
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Poole, Dorset
hello, can anyone explain what scratch is, i assume it is a magazine, is it like the mag, nails?

I hear a lot about this scratch on this site and have no idea what anyone is talking about can someone put me out of my nosey misery on this one please.

Also what Nail mags are the best, which ones do others buy?

Grace x
hi ya scratch is a nail mag and its fab...i like it as much as the "nails" mag...dont know there tel no though but im sure someone has it...vic
If you do a 'search' for 'scratch' I'm sure the phone number will be in there somewhere. I think the Editor Alex Fox posted it a while back.

I subscribe to Scratch, Nails and Professional Nails - I love 'em all!

Best wishes,

Hi Grace ,
The number you want is 01763 262874.
I paid £30 for a years subs and got some nice free Orly products :)
Cool, Thanks I will give em a buzz and try them out, I love reading the Nail mag so i will like this one too it sounds like, get so much good info from them.

Thank you
Grace x
I love the Scratch magazine. I have flicked through a couple of Glorsclaws's mags and am thinking of subscribing.
Love the layout and the covers are always interesting. Mind you, the one with Leighton on the front partially dressed was lying around and my husband wondered if I was getting into some kind of fetish thing........ :o :D :o
Hiya Grace

Scratch is a magazine for nail professionals. It is about to be one year old, so it is still a baby.

It offers nail-related features, techniques, technical sound bites and inspirational imagery with commentary.
It is £30 a year for 12 issues.

I can send you a free copy to try out if you sned me your address.

Best wishes

Alex Fox

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