what is the best advice for breaks


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Feb 23, 2010
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my client has very brittle natural nails which crack high up before they even reach the free edge. I acryliced them because if the came off it would be very painful for her in the hope we could grow the cracks out, this has always been a real problem for her and she doesnt want to keep the acrylic on
any advice please ?
Try one of the new gel polishes and make sure wears gloves in water (water will increase the damage) and make sure she understands the importance of using a conditioning oil daily. I had brittle nails that would also peel, but since I started using Gelish--they are in much better shape! So much so that I have been able to go completely bare for 4 days now and haven't chipped, broken or peeled a thing yet!
we have tried the Gel Polish route but they still cracked which is why we overlayed them with acrylic. this has been a problem for as long as she can remember.
If they have always been like that, then there is nothing you can do about it, she will have to have an overlay on her own nails. It sounds to me, if I am reading your post right, that you have triede things but the damage comes back? Which to me indicates that it this how her nails grows (I am thinking like a split down the nail)

So unless she is abusing her nails (in this case either stop or have overlays) then it is probably just her nails....
OK geeks thanks for advise. The overlays are doing great but she doesnt like them so we are growing them out to go back to gel

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