What is the best beginner's nail technician course?


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May 9, 2012
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I am looking to do a beginners nail technician course as am interested in becoming a mobile technician. I have looked at lots of different courses on the internet that range in price and dont have a clue which one to go for! Could someone please give me some advice?

I live in Bristol so it would be preferable that the course be there or somewhere within commuting distance.

Thanks very much,

Jemma :)
I'm doing my course with CND at sweet squared. They are quite expensive but I've heard off several people including a family member who's trained with them that they are the best. I've done another course before as training quick appealed to me but there's no way anyone can learn nails in one or two days and I left confused. CNDs course is spread out to give time to practise inbetween.

The customer service is excellent and they are always happy to help so give them a call. Don't fall for Internet offers for train in 2 days please :(
Agreed with the above. Train with one of the top companies, or a full course at a college. Don't go for a cheap/quick/distance learning option or you may well regret it and then end up paying out twice as you'll then opt for a pro company or full nvq/itec.

I too recommend CND. I knew NOTHING about nails and didn't research it properly but was very lucky to opt for them, thanks to a personal recommendation. You won't regret it - I have never seen of anyone saying they regret that option.

Just my experience x
Well, you have come to the right place for advice!

I would also recommend having brand based product training with a recognised and reputable company like Nail Harmony, CND, Young Nails etc.

Please don't fall for those learn all 3 systems in 2 days courses, they are a complete waste of money and time as you really can't learn it all that quickly!

Good luck x
I have looked at one online called Next Step Beauty - its a 5 day one with a 6-8 week training period before you get assessed. its also half price at £395 now so thats also quite appealling. It looks quite good but not one i have heard of before? Have you guys ever heard of it?

I will look at some of the ones you have suggested now!

also if any of you already do mobile nails did you find that it was hard to build your client base up first of all or did you get quite a good return from it?

Thanks :confused:

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