What is the difference between CND induction and conversion?


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Feb 13, 2007
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When I finish college next June I want to take a course with CND because I have heard such good things about the products on this site.

I can't figure out if I would need induction or conversion. What is the difference?

At the moment I am using NSI at college but would love to use the Creative products and make up my mind which I think is best for me to use.

What course should I go on after college. I will have NVQ Level 2 and 3.
Its exactly the same thing,just different terminology hth's x
A CND induction is for people that want to be nail techs and have had no training, Conversion is when you know what you are doing but want to change to a different product.
With Creative, you need to have been a nail tech for a minimum 1 year before you can convert to their product.
I paid approx £xxx for a conversion course and got the starter kit free.

Sonia x
I am at college at the moment on level 3, Is the case and I would have to wait 1 year! to convert to Creative. I'm sure it says something different in the brochure, But "The Geek" mentioned in a thread the other day that you don't have to wait if you have the necessary qualifications already.

Can anybody clear this up for me.
If you leave college with a valid qualification (i.e. NVQ) then you don't need to wait 6 months for your training



The Geek
aka Samuel Sweet
If you give Creative a call they will be able to clear this up. I was told to qualify for a conversion course, I had to have been qualified for 1yr in another product.....Sorry if this confuses you, it was just what i was told. Otherwise I would of had to pay approx £xxx for the induction course and lets face it, £xxx is a LOT less!

Good luck hunny, I'll try to dig out the number for you, Have a nice day, despite the weather ...YUK...

Sonia xx:)
Yes. that's what i'm thinking.

From previous information I think it is the Foundation (5 day) for people with no experience or qualifications at all.

I know the conversion is to change from a different product once you are qualified.

But what is the induction all about and how different is it from the conversion or what is it for?
I would definitely give them a ring as Sonia has said. I did an induction day last year and I already had my VTCT and my Youngs advanced cert and had been working for a couple of years. It was a lovely day and everybody really enjoyed themselves and the Certificate is soooo nice!
The way I understand it is this...
A Foundation course if for someone who hasn't done any previous training OR whose previous training certificate isn't recognised by Creative UK.

A Conversion is for a technician already (for example) trained with and using a different gel brand and wishes to covert to Brisa.

An induction would be for a Creative L+P technician (for example) to train with Brisa.

As already mentioned... it's always best to check with the training provider so they can advise you on which course would suit you better.
Conversion and induction are the same thing and the same class. Just decided to change the title of the class from induction to conversion which to me makes more sense.
Conversion and induction are the same thing and the same class. Just decided to change the title of the class forom induction to conversion which to me makes more sense.

I knew i was right :D lol

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