What is the safest technique for microrings?


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I am pulling my own (natural) hair out with all of the contradicting training i have been on in regards to micro ring/copper tube application. My first course taught me to do neat square sections and my second to do more narrow long sections with a slight u shape to the bottom to prevent pulling and they said that square sections are bad..
I have had a few clients come to me for blowdrys where i have seen lots of white ends from pulled roots (extensions not fitted by me) They are always square sectioned.

I am farely new to this method and have been doing it on my business partner before taking on clients as i specialise in a different method... its my 3rd set on my model and this time i used the second technique, a few strands have actually pulled the hair clean out and i for the life of me cant figure if its lack of hair in the bond or the new technique. Any tips on placement, hair to extension ratio ect would be greatly appreciated as i dont seem to get 'safe' advice when i very much want it. Ive been promised technique 2 is safest, if so where could i be going wrong..
In another case-
I also have also seen on a new client tufts of hair about 1inch some 2inches long, (literally looks like a clean cut) what could this be from? She hasnt had hair done with me but wants her next set done with me and i want to know what could have caused it so i dont cause more of the same