What is this brand of gel polish?


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Dec 5, 2010
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Jackson, ms
Hello! I had a client come in today who is pretty regular considering she lives an hour away from the salon I work from. She has been getting Shellac from me for awhile now but on the occasion she has had to cancel, she will get polished at her friends shop down the street from her house.

At her appt today, she was wearing a gel polish with silver glitter that the other girl put on her Saturday. It was really pretty.

So we begin talking and she informs me that the product the other girl used was not Shellac. During prep, she etched the nail and the polish bottle was different. She described it as a dark bottle with a white label. She couldn't think of it's name.

She mentioned that the other girl stated that she would have to file off the product to remove, so I buffed the top coat and wrapped as I would shellac.

Well it took a while to come off. And I didn't even really fully remove it. It broke down similarly to acrylic... Kinda powdery instead of flakey. And I had to rewrap and soak every time I removed a layer. It was really annoying but mainly Bc I had no clue what I was working with.

Any idea what this was?
It could be igel which i use too ... The bottle sounds like that could be it - we've got a lovely silver glitter one .. And if it's indeed the same thing the filing part sounds right ... I'll see if I can post a pic.
There is also a new colour gel called Icon which is in a black bottle with white writing but I think that is a soak off one - probably would need the top coat buffing before removal though as many sog's do.


Not sure on the colours etc... I just saw it advertised recently and the description of the bottle made me think of it.

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