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Oct 19, 2007
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Monticello, NY
Ok so i have a client that comes every 2 weeks for mani/pedi great person but from time to time she forgets. This morning she was suppose to be here at 10am its now 1030 and no client due to the fact that my salon is new i don't want to be 2 i don't know harsh would that be the word i know i need to put up some kinda notice regarding lateness any ideas?
I state on all my leaflets that I expect 24 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full treatment cost will be charged. I also point that out on a client's first visit and wait until they acknowledge it.

I have 1 or 2 'forgetful' clients. I always give them 1 benefit-of-the doubt reprieve but explain that next time they will be charged fully. I have issued a bill to one person, who did pay up but said she wouldn't be back (good riddance). and another does it on a regular basis and we have agreed for me to text her in the morning, she pays me the next appointment without me having to ask for it. infact she was booked in on Friday for 1.5 hours, so I texted her the day before asking her what treatments she wanted, she admitted that she had forgotten so wouldn't have turned up if I hadn't have texted her. I briefly commented that I would have been really put out if she hadn't come as I had to find childcare with the schools being off.

At the end of the day, its reinforcing to your clients that you are a professional and are reliant on that money. I think most clients think that we are on a wage so that it doesn't matter if they don't show up. I tell all my clients that I am self-employed and am reliant on every appointment.

I don't think you can do much with the missed appointment now, but why not drop her a line saying sorry that she had missed her appointment and for her to ring for her next appointment. Plus in future please give xx notice as I no-show fee will be charged, or offer to text her a reminder of her appointment. If she has done it a few times before, then you are giving her permission to do it whenever she feels like it.
Good advise.... But i call all my clients the night before and remind them i spoke with her lastnight!!!
well she is taking the mick!

bill her.
mick is a polite way of saying p*ss.

If she has done this to you a few times and then still does if AFTER you have spoken to her the night before, then she has NO RESPECT for you as a businesswoman.

if you feel you cant do anything about the missed one then start afresh and send everyone out a note saying as of 2008 you will be starting a no-show policy. Tell them what you expect from them, ie 24 hours notice. Offer to ring/text them the night before as you have been doing. Put down how many missed appointments you had to endure last year and that might shame them into behaving.

A regular client rang the clinic 4 hours before her appointment to tell the receptionist that she had come home from work sick but had made the effort to cancel the appointment. When she came for her next appointment, she tried to pay me for that one. I refused to take the payment explaining that as she doesn't mess me about EVER, I know that she was genuinely ill and thanked her for ringing. Saying that, I still get messed about my new clients until they realise I do not tolerate it.
If you rang her the night before and she still fails to turn up, I would seriously think about whether to re-book her or not. I would just be fully booked when she next rings tbh, if that's the best she can manage. hth x
I agree with most of the above. If you have a reminder system in place and spoke with the client personally the day before to remind her, then she really has no manners.

I agree with sending a notice to all existing clients, and including this on your menus if possible going forward, that you have a cancellation/no show policy. I am a nightmare for remembering appointments, but if i've had a call/text the day or so before hand it jogs my memory.
A reminder system is worth it's weight in gold, but as you already have that in place, all you can do is try to put in place a system to reclaim your losses. I used to work for a salon who stated they had cancellation charge, but never charged it. When i asked the manager why, she said it wasn't worth it as they wouldn't pay. The salon went under and was sold. Personally, I would have invoiced every single person who didn't turn up for their appointment unless there was a valid reason (i.e sick ect). I would have chased it as well. I will be making a point of confirming with my clients when they book that I have a cancellation policy as missed appointments can cost you a lot of money!
I allow 10 mins for late shows. Traffic,kids,job, for different things that can go wrong.
LOL If it becomes a regular problem, I book them an hour later (future date) if there is room.

As for no-shows I charge the cost of the lost hour. I can earn my income with another client that wants the no-show appointment time.
24 hour cancellation gives me time to call a standby client.

My policy is posted in my salon & business cards.

Long term, never missed an appointment client, I dont charge the first time it happens.(I don't tell them prior)

I have decided after 3 no-shows and any complaints about my policy, I ask the client to seek nails with another nail tech.

I don't have time for their drama, I have enough of my own.

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