what make do you all use?


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Feb 2, 2003
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dorset england
i trained with opi clarite and backscratchers fibreglass. only use them because thats all i know and thats what the teacher taught in.thinking of changing to creative is there any trainers in dorset england? all the competition winners seem to use creative .saying that i have only asked one competition winner :rolleyes: the one that was at the roadshow in wembley.the pink and white novice .if only i used creative maybe i would suddenly get nails :rolleyes: :? :) .what is so great about it.am i missing out :(

i originally trained with star nails and for a while was very pleased with it i don't know why but i decided to try another make and the only other one i had heard people raving about was creative so without delay i rang up and booked myself on a conversion course, i have never looked back since then my nails are thiner than they ever were before they last like you wouldn't believe and for me i would now never use anything else than my retension + oh and of course my other fab tool of the trade my Master Series Pro Styler Brush because my my that brush makes a difference. :D :D

Hoped this has helped but the only way to find out what suits you is to try something else

I have to brag a little bit here - :oops: I'm sorry. Please forgive me if I am a little proud of our technicians' achievements.

For the last 15 years, we at Creative have actively encouraged (never sponsored) our best technicians to go for it and to enter competitions. I don't know why but we seem to be one of only a handful of suppliers that DO partner with our technicians to be the best they can be.

Whatever the reason, the win at the road show was not a one off. :!: A Creative technician wins almost every time in every competition here in the UK and most likely they take the majority if not all of the top ten places and have done for over 15 years. That should say something about our product and our mentality but unfortunately it sometimes just makes people annoyed. If I were starting out in this business ... it would make me think! I wonder why? I'd want to know more.

We love to meet any and all who want to know more instead of thinking they know it all. HOPE YOU ALL WILL INDULGE ME BEING A LITTLE BOASTFUL. ;)
Use CND Retention+ and perfect colour powders.

When I first qualified I used NSI prods but the girls in the salon where I worked all used CND so I went on the pre-masters course and have been using CND prods ever since. :)

I also use a Master Series Sculptor brush which is absolutely fantastic. :p

I cannot believe how easy the system is to use and personally if you want to be the best nail tech with excellent nail extensions on your clients, you have to use the best products. ;)

I also explain the brilliance of CND Solar Oil to my clients which they also use at home. :D
think i wil definatly give it a go fed up with "elephant toe nail "nails :!: the good thing about clarite is that it is odour free.how do you mobile techs deal with the smell.as i am salon based and mobile.are the nails creative techs do much thinner than other makes :?: im not explaining myself very well :rolleyes: .thanks for convincing me to try it.im easily swayed :squish: only thing is got shed loads of opi to get through :(
nicola :? [/list]
I use Tammy Taylor for 98% of my work as I am a "Former Tammy Taylor Educator". I decided to give up my traveling, get married and have babies. As I returned back to work, I kept using TT, but also added Creative & Premium Acrylics to my product lists. This is interesting, because each product is different & is also different in ratio mix. Each of these products have good qualities & by being proficient in all 3, I am able to cover more possible issues or customer wishes.
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