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Sep 16, 2003
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barnsley, south yorks
Hi all,
I'm quite new to this site, and very pleased i've found it only thing is.
My ironing up to ceiling house looks like a bomb has dropped and my daughter hasn't had a square meal in days. (kidding about daughter)
But seriously think you could say i'm addicted.
I wondered if i could pick your brains, I have finished creative foundation course next step and real rebalancing.Also booked on spa manicure. What do you think i should do next, I seem to have cracked acrylic it"it's finally sunk in. But not sure what to do now i'm so eager to become a really good nail technician. Not sure wether to do gel course airbrushing course or what.
What courses have new technician really benefited from?
any relpies would be greatly appreciated cheers x
The answer that everybody is going to give you is Fabric! It is the latest thing that Creative have, and apparently it is fantastic! When I can honestly say I have mastered my acrylic, which will be when I have done my Masters, then I am going to try this.

Su-do do an airbrushing course thing, for hair art, body art, nail art and spray on tanning. I think this is a good one to go to.

What would be a good idea is if you can get to GMEX on the 12th or 13th October. All different companies will be there. Then you can see what they have to offer first, and decide whether you want to sign up to any of them.
beautiful nails.

just looking at your profile, I too trained with debbie easter, She does the su do and that, And i was thinking of doing that course but it's quite expensive will have to save for a while. How are getting on with acrylic? I't seemed to take me for ever to get to the level i'm at. Which is by no means fantastic but i'm a lot more confident and my lifting problems seem to be a lot better. Can you give me some more info gmex please. What is it where is etc.
thankyou x
maybe you could do a little market research. I respect that most clients will take your advice as to what they should have BUT a lot of clients will move to you if you can offer their usual treatment. Then you can advise them once the trust is built up.

I'm in Cornwall where fashion hasn't quite caught up, and everyone is very "makeup free". People here want mostly gel french, gel overlays or natural nail services. Noone here wants nail art (i have tried honest) and I actually do more toes than fingers (gel colour). If I hadn't have done my research I'd have invested in airbrushing or tanning which would have been a complete waste of money - doing colour gels has paid for itself very quickly (and it's really easy!)

I'm not saying you should follow the same as me, only that you need to find out what will give you a return on your investment. Also - you could think about some sort of business course?
Well love,
I would do the Fabric# course, this way you will learn two things or maybe even three ..........

When you learn how to do the Fabric# System, you will also then understand how the old fibreglass and resin system work..........But then you can also use also the Silk Material (more saturation is needed for clarity).............. So 3 different applications one course...................Even tho I use the Fabric system most of the time, I do have some odd clients that just love the old way...........and it is quick for the single repair jobby on the natural nail at hand .............

just a thought
love Ruth xxxxxxx
You dont mention anything about whether you are actually working from home on clients or what LOL.

I would suggest you try and build a business and getting to do the best L&P nails you can do. Once you have recouped some of your initial outlay, that will be the time to start looking at widening your skills.

If you have already done one of the Master Classes (Real Rebalancing) then you should work towards doing the other 2 and the Qualification Day.

If you try and learn too many different procedures all at once then you may get confused and start using your gel brush in your monomer, your Boost instead of primer etc LOL.

If you can master the L&P and do fab enhancements then the other systems will come a bit easier.

As Ella says, research your market. Dont rush into nail art for example if there is no market for it. If you cant do great enhancements then what use is airbrushing LOL.
hi cha'nails

i have done the foundation course and faze gel and fabic# course i loved them all my fav is fabric#.

i also live in cornwall and i didnt do a airbrushing course right away until i had people asking for this service and the response has been so successful that i am doing a airbrushing course now so why not ask your clients if they would like this service if you could offer it and see what they say

vic :D
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