What On Earth Should I Do?!


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May 19, 2010
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shaftesbury dorset
Oh god guys can you help?

I had a random text today from a girl called gemma that said her bf thinks I am very fit but not in those words, cant really say it on here, but I text back saying "who"? and she said "im not saying but he gets a huge ******** when u do his hair but its me who ****** it" I said "i dont think i did his hair" she replyed "You must have notices his huge *****"
" I think you have the wrong person"
Jelous ***** he has a bigger **** than you bf"
" Take care Gemma"
Ignorant ***** Nat
"You have the wrong person seriously"
"After you cut his hair, I have never seen him so ***"
"I'll say bye cause you have the wrong hairdresser"
" Next time I will give him a **** when you cut his hair.

I dont get this, I dunno what guy and girl it is and what if I go round and she beats me or something? what do i do guys? She must have the wrong person, i'm not sure. I mean what if she reports me, I did nothing.

This is most likely some silly girl who wants to wind you up. But it has obviously rattled you. I would take the phone to the police and tell them that you feel threatened. They may be able to trace the number and warn her off.
Oh no! I'm shocked! I'd be really worried too, for the same reasons as you. Ddefinately go to the police asap. Would they be able to tell you who she is if they can trace her number? I think I'd want to know so I could steer clear. Good luck xx
She hasn't blocked her number which is surprising,u think I should go to the police?
Text her back and say that if she sends 1 more Anonymous text you will be taking the phone to the police, she might give you an indication of who she is then you know how you are dealing with.
Whenever I advertise for staff in the paper, I get wierd random texts. I think oddballs with no friends just want people to text.

If you genuinly beleive you have not done a mans hair who is panting like a dog at you, I would forget it and not reply to her.

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