What size lash do you think this is?


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Oct 27, 2009
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Hi guys. I'm a lash tech in training and the other day a girl came in for a refill. Now this is not my work and I would appreciate your opinions.

1. I am not done with my training but I feel these lashes are far to thick to be used as volume.

2. I told my client she should stick to one tech instead of going to a new one every time since everyone does the job different ,has dgdddpddt opinions ect.

3. I told her she would never get lashes like these in my salon as I feel it could (and most likely have) ruined her own lashes.

Now what do you think from the picture?


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Looks like lots of different types of lashes to me??
yeah I know. She has been going to several different techs and they just put on whatever they had. But isn't most of the lashes way to big for volume?
I refuse to infill lashes that are not my work as this can happen also most clients dont really know what type lash or length they have as you tell them and as soon as they get home they have forgotten.

Shes a tech hopper and hoppers do this to get a cheaper deal (at their own risk), I would suggest removal and then a new full set and explain to her the dangers of tech hopping as she could end up with no lashes!
What did you do?
I never infill other people's work and you will get people asking for infills with the good old excuse "I've had them before" I always patch test aswell! You never know what other products salons use so patch test with your own products!
I don't do volume but these do look clumpy and possibly too heavy for the lashes (too many on one lash)
I wouldn't really wanna remove these tbh. If I did I would make her have a couple of weeks to give them a rest then see what you think about doing a full set on them from there....
If she's a tech hopper you're probably best without her anyway otherwise you'd have to keep removing and doing a whole set. But then that's probably why she uses techs that infill other people's work-as it's cheaper than a full set! What a nightmare!
I removed it and told her she would not get lashes like this in my salon as I feel the lashes would ruin her own. Told her that I really recommended her stay with one tech and told her how and why too heavy lashes would ruin her own. Tried to teach her to be picky about where she gets her lashes and about taking care of them. I hope she listens..

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