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Dec 14, 2012
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i am qualified in waxing, threading, tan, lash lift & brow lamination, shellac, biab, gels, lashes, all beauty, i want to move upwards into aesthetics laser, electrolysis, skin machines, just wondering where is best to invest ? i’m in ireland so aesthetics is a bit tricky, also how much would a laser or electrolysis machine be? can you use after pay? ect i think electrolysis would be a good way to go as i’m qualified in it and having problems myself with folicilitus but hair is blonde so i’ve started this myself, i want to start bringing in good money would love to branch out into aesthetics but think there’s going to be a huge clamp down in ireland maybe lemon bottle and hydra facial and micro needling is where i need to be looking at , any advice at all, i want to be earning big money if possible
to be honest while the price point on these treatments are looking really high , the cost of insurance , products and the machine is also high .
So I would do my costings on everything 1st .
For example its a few years back I priced up a machine and it was about 15k + I would have needed to do a min of 10 treatments per month for 5 years just to pay for the machine and products no wage !
Microneedling is cheap enough to invest in and get a return back quicker but I am finding clients do max 2 treatments but love the results

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