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Jun 14, 2010
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Hello geeks!

Well been doin acrylics for a while now and have built up a small client base, however this is all im offering. I have just enough money to do another course now but im split between a gel course or minx?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Xx

i am in no way a nail geek -jst learned hollywood toes last week at NSI and would love to eventually do gel extensions..and minx.

I do think tho that with Christmas coming up you could train in Minx - make money from that as they seem to be extremely popular and have a great name...then use funds from that to train in anything extra.

Apologies that I am not a nail geek as such and hth

That is so true! with all the christmas parties coming up people might want something eyecatching! Dont worry about not being a nail pro, any feedback is much appreciated!

Also love your little triumph note! Fantastic!
thanx and good luck whatever you decide to do :)
Honestly? For the money a gel course would set you back, I'd do Minx AND Shellac. You can always save the gel course for a later date. x
Take Gemma's advice ... Minx and Shellac are the two hottest services in the nail market. Clients absolutely adore both. Neither are expensive to add as treatments and you will get a large demand for them all year long and not just Christmas. You will not regret either choice believe me. :hug:
Thank you for all your advice!
Have my Minx and shellac all booked up! Very excited to get practising and offer these to my clients!!! :)

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