What to put in an editorial piece next to my magazine advert


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Nov 18, 2009
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I am running 4 months worth of ads in a local business book. I have been offered an editorial piece next to my advert for next month, this will give me half the page of the book in total :) however I have no idea what to focus on, I have never written anything like this before and dont want to muck it up.

Would anyone please be able to give me any pointers.

AJ x
Are you putting in special offers in your ads? This may be a place to start. You could give some information on some of the treatments and make it seasonal. Some people can be ignorant about what a treatment entails and this you could use to enlighten them. You could also talk about the new season colours for make-up to keep up with trends and also any new treatments you are introducing.:)
Well done for negotiating something free! Paying for advertising is always a gamble but free editorial can say anything you want rather than just your salon name, number and address, though always ask to see a proof before printing just to check they have that right!

It's best to think of something seasonal like totalbeauty just said or newsy like 'this salon has got it sorted for Autumn, as the dark evenings and cold weather descent upon us, warm up with a warm oil manicure with the latest nail polish colour shade 'blah blah' ' and big yourself up!
Is there something you offer that other salons don't? For example, if you offered a treatment like Shellac, you could write about that. Point out all the benefits, explain who it is most suitable for and make it clear that you are the only person offering it. This means it will be an interesting article that is about something different, whilst also promoting your services.

Try talking to the editor of the magazine about what features have been successful in the past, as they may be able to give you a few pointers.

You could also consider inviting the editor or a writer to try one of your treatments, as a testimonial from them might hold more weight with the reader.

When you start putting the article together, find out what word limit you have. You should have an introduction and a conclusion of roughly one paragraph each. Then decide what main points you want to make in the middle section. Try and plan out each paragraph around those points to help you keep to your word limit. If your article is too long, the editor will cut it down and you could lose some of your best points, so keep it concise and to the point.

Hope that helps a bit. :hug:

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