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May 12, 2003
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Nr Gatwick, West Sussex
Hi All, :D
Silly post but i just had to ask whats 'in' and fashionable for nails this season?
i know that bright colours and neons etc... are the colours for our wardrobe, are brights what we should be wearing on our nails?? :rainbow:
what is the shape that we all must have for our nails??
is it long and oval or short and square??
well i really dunno....
my nails are long and pointy oval with bright shiny pink enamel (CND#54 hot chillis- love that colour v bright and eye catching!)
am i following fashion or am i sooo last year?? :scat:

I though neons were in but so is the nearly there look, minimal colour.
As for shape, most of my ladies are going more for a pointed look at the mo
For me, I just coincide whats in fashion onto my nails!! I've been doing military colours and designs, neons and fruity citrus colours, pretty pastels and pinks with flowers to fit the 50's look. Now summer is setting in Im going all blues, yellows, oranges etc :revolve:
I've read that the square tip is out, and that the oval and stilleto is in :rainbow:

The following features what's hot / not for nails and incorporates the new Bazaar Collection - this will be out in July!!! 8)

Bazaar Press Release
This summer season, you’ll find our 'Bazaar' bohemian digging around the old souk in Cairo; you may spot her strolling down the Portabello Road market shopping for trinkets! Wherever you spot her you’ll know her!

She’s decked out for attention in her over-the-top Christian Lacroix blend of colour and texture; she wears Indian silk dual tones mixed with yellow gold bangles and hoop ear-rings to complete this colourful, vibrant story for summer! And her theory… “If I like it, then it matches!”
The Bazaar Collection by Creative Nail Design features four new shocking dual tone brights, perfect for hot summer days around town and Salsa dancing in the city ‘til dawn!

Hotski-to-Tchotchke – brilliant metallic turquoise blue. It will make a convert of even the most hard-core sheer pink devotees. The depth of color is so brilliant one can’t help but be attracted. Hotski to Tchotchke was the surprise hit of Fall Fashion Week 2003!

Gypsy-a-Go-Go – soft metallic watermelon; totally fun on medium length rounded square shaped fingernails.

Tongue-in-Cheek – screaming metallic lolly-pop pink to sass up tips and toes!

Souvenir Junkie – in-your-face true, metallic orange that could not be sexier than on tanned summer feet.

Nails can be long, square and lavishly polished in vibrant neon stripes; or short ‘boy nails’ to long, stiletto shapes! Mix, match, stripe, polka dot or plaid – these colors are meant to play.

Get Ready – Bazaar is coming…..
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