Whats happened to my brush?


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Lelli Loo Loo
Nov 6, 2003
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Lellipop Land
My ultra sculptor brush as gone a bit ragged at the tip, I like the tip to be a point and it wont seem to go in to one. There is no product in the brush so i am stumped any ideas?
Hi lesley,
i had that prob with my new sculptor too!!! the hairs seemed to splay out a little for some reason.....i have put it down to when i used the last bit of retention in my dappen dish and it was a little thickr than normal. I have just kept cleaning it in fresh monomer daily and it is back to normal!! taught my self a lesson!! lol!!!
geeg did a post ages ago about dipping the brush in to some hot kettle water and squeezing between paper towel and then drying flat to sort out dodgy looking brushes!!! It worked for my prostyler!!

this isn't much help but i had that same problem so i bought a new one. i couldn't understand it. it looked like the hairs had been cut or something! sorry i couldnt help you more. :sad:
cool il remember that if it happens again!
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