whats wrong with my nail?


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squeeky macgeeky
Aug 28, 2003
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hi everyone, i've got a problem with my toenail............a few years ago i damaged my 2 big toenails, i had washed a pair of white canvas summer shoes in the washing machine and they must have shrunk...well when i put them on i thought they would have been ok after wearing them for a wee while so off i went trailing through the town shopping wearing my slightly tight fitting sparkly white shoes :oops:

by the end of the day my 2 big toes were aching but worse was to come...the next day when i woke up both of my toenails were heavily bruised :( and within a few weeks my toenails began lifting from the nail bed

as i said it was a few years ago and now my left toenail is back to normal but but i still have a problem with my right nail............that was the worst one as it separated almost the entire length and width of the nail, but thankfully there is only a small bit about one quarter of an inch down the side if the nail now separated

but i now have a new problem, i now have a sort of crack (not all the way through) down the center of that nail, it runs the full length of the nail...its like a seam line :? ...its been there for about a couple of weeks now and i dont know what it is or what has caused it...i have not banged the nail or dropped anything on it, i keep my nails short and i have never worn shoes that are too tight since that day

does anyone know what this could be?...i would hate to think that the nail is going to split in 2 after nursing it back to health all this time :(


The pressure exerted on your big piggy caused hemorrhaging of the bed. This pressure most likely caused blood to escape into the epithelium which then pushed the plate from the bed. This is pretty common with athletes and ballet dancers.
The same pressure could have also caused a vertical split down your plate that will eventually grow out.

Hope that helps.
In the meantime, I would wrap it or overlay it to hold it nicely together so that it won't catch whilst growing out.
thanks for the reply mr geek and geeg...........it just seems a bit strange that after all this time that a crack should suddenly appear down the center of my nail, i thought that my nail was just about getting back to normal again...............its not split all the way through but i can see and feel a sort of ridge on the top of the nail when i run my finger over it :(

i'm hoping it doesnt end up splitting in half but if it does i will certainly take your advice geeg and put a nice overlay on top of it to stop it catching on anything :)

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