What's your favorite topcoat and why?


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May 25, 2003
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What is everyone's favorite topcoat and why?

Do you use the same topcoat on natural nails as you do on acrylics?

Does anyone use Super Shiney as a topcoat and then put Speedy on top to help all layers dry faster? Does doing that affect wearability on natural nails?

I am very interested in hearing all of your feedback on this!
I am a Haken polish user all the way. I use their fast dry top coat on both natural nails and enhancements. I apply their high gloss top coat over my nail art and polish. I love Haken because unlike others I have tried it never gets thick half way through the bottle. My 2.5 oz bottle of top coat is 3/4 gone and is still as thin as the day I got it, and it covers wonderfully. :flower:
I am a Creative user all the way for similar reasons.

The polish never goes thick in the bootle and can be used to the last drop.
The coverage is fantastic.
The brush is the best.
Stickey provides the perfect base for colour.
Super Shiney I think dries very fast and is a thick protective top coat. Some do use Speedy over the top, but I do not. I prefer to use the Solar Speed Spray to dry all the way through the layers - and it does!!

I use all the Creative treatments on natural nails as well as enhancemenmts but I prep the natural nail first with Nail Fresh before I apply for long wearablilty.
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