When clients don't turn up!


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Sep 2, 2015
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Has to be the must frustrating things when you run your own business! Right ladies? My client is now 40 minutes late and I haven't heard a thing. Grrrrrr
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Has to be the must frustration thing when you run your own business! Right ladies? My client is now 40 minutes late and I haven't heard a thing. Grrrrrr
So annoying..I wrote a status yesterday to say ALL appointments will now need deposits!
I don't mind people cancelling but when it's on the day or even an hour before it makes my blood boil! Haha xx
did u send a reminder? if the appointment was made a while ago she may have forgotten. i forgot i had a hair appointment this week luckly i get text reminders the day before! x
She only booked in last night! lol X
ah ok yea thats bad!! x
Happened to me this morning, no show and didn't even cancel. The worst thing ever! X
Happened to me on Wednesday. So so rude X
This is another example of why i always take deposits in dec!
Had one cancel 25 mins after her appt time the other day. It's never my regulars, only ever new ones, usually off Facebook, altho I get good ones off there too.

I blacklist them so next time I can't fit them in.

"I ain't got time for that"!
I had another one today..
New client,I messaged her yesterday to double check she was still ok for her appointment and she messaged back 'Yes still on' and she didn't turn up and blocked my Facebook page!
I honesty don't understand why they can't just tell you their not coming! Haha xx
Had worst ever 2 days for no shows/ cancellations and all with people that have been a few times too! Yesterday a regular for my stylist was a no show for hair up then I got a 5.45pm cancellation phone call last night for a 4 hour cut and colour slot this morning! Luckily I had my suspicions about this one as had no response to email, text, voicemail over the last week where I had tried to confirm she still wanted it ( it was booked in oct after her last appt) so I had squeezed someone else too in rather then turn them away as I knew she was unlikely to show. Then another blowdry no show for my stylist this morning followed by cbd no show in afternoon and a colour cancellation this afternoon due to illness and then a bdry cancellation as "they weren't going out anymore"! I half expect it with newbies but not people that use you regularly. So much for support your local small business Saturday! Luckily we still had enough in to do ok today and had a few hair up walk ins come at the right time which made up for some of it but it's really annoying!

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